Bean Powdery Mildew

Bean Powdery Mildew:Erysiphe polygonii

  • Leaves are covered with patches of a whitish to greyish powdery growth. This disease is caused by the fungusErysiphe polygonii.
  • New growth appears contorted, curled or dwarfed and may turn yellow and drop. Pods are dwarfed and distorted.
  • This is mostly a problem on fall beans. Powdery mildew is spread by wind and rain.
  • Avoid closer spacing by providing proper spacing between the crops.
  • Remove and destroy all the debris after harvesting
  • Avoid the same cropping for 3 to 3 years in the same area.
  • When the disease is first noticed, sprays or dusts sulphur. Do not use sulphur on young plants.



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