Banana Yellow sigatoka

Banana Yellow Sigatoka:Mycospharella musicola

  • Initially, appearance of pale yellow or greenish streaks parallel to the veins on the upper surface of the leaves
  • Then these streaks darken and become more or less elliptical brown spots.
  • Later on, the centre of these spots turns to light grey colour surrounded by yellow halo
  • The spots often coalesce to form large irregular patches of dried tissue
  • Rapid drying and defoliation of leaves are the characteristic features of this disease
  • Normally 15-18 leaves are necessary at the time of shooting for bunch development, but due to Sigatoka leaf spot it is difficult to maintain 15 leaves
  • In severe cases, immature bunches fail to fill out
  • The fingers of bunch in affected plants tend to remain undersized and angular but pulp starts ripening
Identification of pathogen:
  • This disease is caused by Mycospharella musicola
  • The conidiophores bear conidia. Which is obclavate and multiseptate
  • Perithecia are dark brown to black, erumpent, ostiolate
  • Asci are oblong, clavate. Ascopores are one septate, hyaline, obtuse-ellipsoid with upper cell slightly broader
  • The conidia of the fungus are carried by the wind, rain water and old dried infected leaves and they help to spread the disease
  • This disease is common on poor, badly drained soils and in shady areas
    Closer spacing, heavy weed or grass
  • cover, frequent irrigations and failure to remove suckers that favour the build of the disease.
Cultural method:
  • Removal and destruction of affected leaves.
  • Keep the banana field as weed free and remove the suckers timely.
  • Avoid planting at close spacing.
  • Provide proper drainage and avoid water logging in the fields which favour infection.
Chemical method:
  • Spray Bordeaux mixture 1 percent + linseed oil 2 percent on the plants
  • Spray Copper oxychloride or zineb with gas oil or mobile oil or white oil
  • Spray   3 times with Carbendazim 0.1 per cent or Propicanozole 0.1 % or Mancozeb 0.25% or Calixin 0.1%  and teepol (sticking agent) at 10-15 days interval, as the disease starting from the initial appearance of leaf specks on the lower side of the leaf.



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