Banana Bract Virus – Kisan Suvidha
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Banana Bract Virus

Banana Bract Virus

Banana Bract Virus

  • The disease is characterised by the presence of spindle shaped pinkish to reddish streaks on pseudostem, midrib and peduncle
  • Typical mosaic and spindle shaped mild mosaic streaks on bracts, peduncle and fingers also observed
  • Suckers exhibit unusual reddish brown streaks at emergence and separation of leaf sheath from central axis
  • Clustering of leaves at the crown with a travellers palm appearance, elongated peduncle and half filled hands are its characteristic symptom.
Identification of pathogen:
  • The disease is caused by a virus belonging to potyvirus group. The virions are flexuous filamentous
  • The virus is transmitted by aphid vectors. The virus is primarily spread through infected suckers. In the field, aphids vectors such as Aphis goosypii, and Rhopalosiphum maidis transmits the disease.
Cultural method
  • The diseased plants should be removed as and when noticed to avoid the spread of the disease
  • Disease free planting materials should be used for new planting
  • The banana gardens should be kept free from weeds
  • Weeds in the nearby areas should be removed as the virus survives in them in off-season
  • Early detection by regular inspection of planting and eradication of diseased plants from the field as soon as they are noticed
Chemical method
  • Control of insect vector by spraying Phosphomidon at 1 ml per litre or Methyl Demeton at 2 ml per litre or Monocrotophos at 1ml per litre.



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