Ash weevils

Ash weevils: Mylloecerus undecimpustulatus

M. maculosus 

M. subfasciatus

M. viridanus

M. discolor

Symptom of damage:

  • Leaf margins notched
  • Wilting of plants in patches
  • Plants come easily when pulled
  • Roots are eaten away by grubs

Identification of the pest:

  • Grub – Small, white apodous grub
  • Mylloecerusundecimpustulatus  – Greenish elytra having dark lines
  • M. subfasciatus – Brownish weevil
  • M. viridanus –small light green weevil
  • M. discolor– brown weevil


  • Remove the affected branches/plants and destroy
  • Spraying of quinalphos 1.0 l/ha or chlorpyriphos 1.0 l/ha.



  • TamilNadu Agritech Portal
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