Agro Chemical with Brand Name, Application, Dose & Mode of action

S.No. Technical Brand Name Application Dose/Acre Mode of action
1. Abamectin 1.8% EC Vertimec (Syngenta), Tagmec 1.9 EC (Tropical), ABC 1.85% EC (KR) ~  Red  mite  of  strawberry,  cotton,  cucumber,  potato, soybean, tomato and sweet melon

~  Leaf miners of sugarbeet

50-100 ml/acre, 5-10 ml/pump Chloride channel activators group. Acaricide
2. Acephate 75% SP Starthene (Swal), Orthene (Arysta), Missile (Devidayal), Megastar (MIL), Lancer  (UPL),  Oval  (PI  Ind.),  Rasayan  Phate  (KR),  Acefex  (Excel), Kingmax (Vimax), Asataf (TATA), Accent 787 (Sumil), Miltaf (IIL), Bheem (Kilpest), Tagace (Tropical), Lucid (Cheminova), Lion (SuperCSL), Sritaf (Crystal), Ortain (Coromandel), Hilphate (HIL), Ample (Advance), Rythane  (Ramcides), Corohamp (CAPL), Topsis (Atul), Molphate (GP), Top‘O’Top  (CGI), King Phate (KCS), Acesul (Sulphur Mills), Vega (PCCPL), Pace (Nagarjuna),  Topsis  (Atul),  Tremor  (BioStadt),  Ace  (Canary),  Willace (Willowood), Chettak (GSP), Archa (Amber), Bhoochal 75 (AOL) ~  It  is  particularly  effective  on  severe  infestations  of sucking and chewing insects of tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, chilies, vegetables, fruits and cereals.

~  It has low toxicity to  mammals and does not harm beneficial insects. It is easy to use, being soluble in water.

~  Green & Brown Leafhoppers, Brown Plant Hoppers

300-400 gm/acre

20-25 gm/pump

A versatile organophosphate group insecticide with both contact and systemic action.
3. Acephate 95% SG Hunk (TATA) ~  It targets Stem borer, leaf folder & BPH on Paddy

~  It has strong systemic molecule and is highly soluble and longer  duration control. It has less odour and hence easy to use. It has got a good synergistic effect with Buprofezin 25% SC against rice BPH

Belongs to the Organophosphates insecticide group. Its mode of action is Systemic
4. Acetamiprid 20% SP Manik (TATA), Ekka (KR), Rapid (Crystal), Rekord (DuPont), Active  (Devidayal), Award (MIL), King Prid (KCS), Acetacel (Excel), Aceta (UPL), Echo 797 (Sumil), Stona (Vimax), Lift (Indofil), Dhan Preet (Dhanuka), Crop Pride (NACL), Sharp (IIL), Proud (Kilpest), Tagride (Tropical), Su- Pride (SuperCSL), Scuba (Coromandel), Hilprid (HIL), Armour (Advance), Acelon (CAPL), Albis (Atul), Quick (CLSL), Pounce (FMC), Molprid (GP), Tada (CGI), Glide (Safex), Prima (Sulphur Mills), Patron (PCCPL), Ennova (Nagarjuna), Albis (Atul), Wapkil & Rider (BioStadt), Antenna (Willowood), Nize (GSP), Shourya (Amber) ~  For  Jassids,  Thrips  &  Aphids  40-60  gm/acre  &  for whitefly 60-80 gm/acre in Cotton

~  For Thrips & Aphids 40-60 gm/acre & for Whitefly 60-80 gm/acre in Chili

~  Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, Colorado Potato Beetle, Flea hoppers,  Whiteflies,  Fruit  Moth,  Leafhoppers,  Leaf Miners, Plant Bugs

~  It also has ovicidal property.



It is world renowned insecticide of Neonicotinoids group for  sucking  insects. It controls the sucking insects very effectively by its extraordinary Systematic action. It has the ability to control the insects which  gained resistance against other insecticides.It is compatible with other commonly used Insecticides and Fungicides. It persists in crops and hence has the ability to control the hiding insects for a longer time. It is safe for  natural enemies of  insect-pests hence;  it  is also  suitable for integrated pest management(IPM) programme.
5. Alpha-Cypermethrin 10% WP Alfastar (Swal), Guru (UPL), Karfu (Kilpest), Safari (SuperCSL), Dash 5%  WP (MIL), Dolphin (GSP) ~  Bollworms in cotton 200-300


Contact  and  Stomach.  Synthetic  pyrethroid group
6. Alphamethrin 10% EC Mig10 (Devidayal), Legend (MIL), Grand 301 (Sumil) Tata Alpha (TATA), Gem (Indofil), Nayak (IIL), Thrill (Tropical), Numethrin (Cheminova), Alpha (KR), Vasuki (CGI), Sixer (Sulphur Mills), Stop 10 EC (BioStadt), Alpha  (Canary), Alfagold (CCIL) ~  It is synthetic and It is effective against lepidopteran and sucking pest. Broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide and has the capability of quick knockdown effect Synthetic pyrethroid group
7. Bifenthrin 10% EC Hectastar (Swal), Rock (KR), Metastar (Sumil), Markar (Dhanuka), Super Star (IIL), Barnerr (Tropical), Conister (Coromandel), Centrix (Sulphur  Mills), Rockstar (Shivalik), Klintop (BioStadt), Wilthrin (Willowood), Viklap (Amber) ~ 35-40


Synthetic pyrethroid group
8. Bifenthrin 2.5% EC Swal Home (Swal) ~  Home use House hold insecticide. Synthetic pyrethroid group
9. Buprofezin 25% SC Jawaa (DuPont), Flotis (Bayer), Trust  (Swal),  Irvy  (Dow),  Devifezin  (Devidayal), Buprostar (MIL), Hillblaze (HIL), PI Bupro (PI Ind.), Applaud (TATA), Braun 111 (Sumil), Apple (Dhanuka), Phentom (IIL), Tagvoltage (Tropical), Tribune (Crystal), Ninja (Coromandel), KriMarch (KR), Cordon (Advance), Bravo (Sulphur Mills), Benj (Nagarjuna), Banzo (BioStadt), Jantar (Canary), Deligent (Willowood), Awaksh (Amber) ~  Effective on Homopterous pests such as Plant Hoppers, Leaf hoppers, White Flies, Scales and Mealy Bugs. It’s an IPM compatible product. Less adverse effect on natural enemies and beneficial insects. Effectively controls green leaf hoppers and white back plant hoppers in rice. 50 ml/pump Its Thiazine group contact insecticide. It is an IGR(Insect Growth Regulator) New insect control agent to control stubborn ricepests.Inhibits moulting of nymphs and larvae.Inhibitiors of chitin biosynthesis
10. Carbaryl 50% WP Devicarb (Devidayal), Kavin (KR) ~ Carbamates group, Inhibitor of cholinesterase enzymes
11. Carbofuran 3% GR Furadan (FMC), Starfuron (Swal), Sumo 3G (IIL), Prachand 3G (Kilpest), Furon G (Crystal), Fury (Nagarjuna) ~ Carbamates group
12. Carbosulfan 25% EC Marshal (FMC), Aaatank (Dhanuka), Aayudh (Coromandel) ~ Carbamates group
13. Cartap Hydrochloride 4% GR Kitap  4G  (KR),  Kaardon  4G  (UPL),  Karvan  (Devidayal),  Caldan  4G (Dhanuka),  Cartox  (TATA),  Corona GR  (Sumil), Beacon  GR  (Indofil), Indian  4G  (IIL),  Kildon  4G  (Kilpest),  Fast  4G  (Tropical),  Sudan  4G (SuperCSL),  Nidan  4G  (Crystal),  Parry/Ratna (Coromandel),  Hilcarpet  4GR (HIL), Trixx (Advance), Grip (SulphurMills), Captor 4G (PCCPL), Nagarjuna 4G (Nagarjuna), Capsi GR (Atul), Dartriz 4G (BioStadt), Cartap  4G (Canary), Wiltap 4G (Willowood), Prithvi 4G (Amber), Eldan 50SP (CCIL), Paras 4G (AOL) ~  For controlling Stem Borer,Leaf Folder and Whorl Maggot of Rice. 8-10 kg/acre Systemic and Contact. Nereistoxin analoques group
14. Cartap Hydrochloride 50% SP Kitap 50SP (KR), Startop-50 (Swal), King Dan (KCS), Kaardon 50SP (UPL), Karvan Plus (Devidayal), Caldan 50SP (Dhanuka), Corona 50 (Sumil), Beacon SP (Indofil), Indian 50SP (IIL), Kildon (Kilpest), Fast 50 (Tropical),  Sudan  50  (SuperCSL),  Nidan  50SP  (Crystal),  Josh  SP (Coromandel), Hilcartap 50SP (HIL), Grip 50 (SulphurMills), Captor 50SP (PCCPL), Capsi SP (Atul), Dartriz 50SP & Woktap 50SP(BioStadt), Mantar  50SP (Canary), Wiltap 50SP (Willowood), Prithvi 50SP (Amber), Eldan 4G (CCIL), Paras 50SP (AOL) ~  Stem Borer, Leaf Folder in Rice 200-400 gm/acre & 20-30 gm/acre Systemic and Contact. Nereistoxin analoques group
15. Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% GR Ferterra (DuPont) ~ Preventing the buildup of the pest population. New class of chemistry Anthralinic Diamides group
16. Chlorantraniliprole 18.5% SC Coragen (DuPont) ~  Effective and long duration control of early and top borer in sugarcane. Preventing the buildup of the pest population. New class of chemistry Anthralinic Diamides group
17. Chlorfenapyr 10% SC Intreprid (BASF), Lepido (PI Ind.), Record (Crystal) Urcouples of oxidative phosphorylation via disruption of proton gradient
18. Chlorpyrifos 1.5% DP Deviban 1.5 DP (Devidayal), Kilzex D & Kilzex 0.25% DP (Kilpest) ~ Non-systemic with contact, stomach & respiratory action
19. Chlorpyrifos 10% GR Deviban 10G (Devidayal), Suldrin GR (SuperCSL), Hilban 10 GR (HIL) ~ Strong contact, stomach & slight fumigant action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
20. Chlorpyrifos 20% EC Krishan 20 (KR), Starban (Swal), Dursban (Dow), Megaban (MIL), Deviban 20 (Devidayal), Chloroban (UPL), ChloroKing (KCS), Banest 20 (Arysta), Tricel 20 (Excel), Uno 501 (Sumil), Lethal 20 EC (IIL), Sacban (Shivalik), Veermet (Vimax), Tafaban (TATA), Pyrifex (Safex), Gilphos (GIL), Crop  Chlor (NACL), Mig-20 (Kilpest), Tagban (Tropical), Shreeban TC (SKSCC), Classic-20 (Cheminova), Suldrin (SuperCSL), Kaman / Eldrin TC (Crystal), Trishul (Coromandel), Hilban 20 (HIL), Pyrifex (Safex), Pyriban (Aimco), Kattar 20 (GKR), Hyban (HCL), All-Drin (Ambuja), Sulban (SulphurMills), Lynch  (PCCPL),  Strike  20EC  (BioStadt),  Dangal  (Canary),  Chlorocil  (GSP), Kartoos (Amber), Gold Ban (CCIL), Potta (AOL) ~  It is commonly used in the control of Fruit Borers, Stem Borers and Leaf Eating Caterpillars on a wide range of Crops like Cotton, Pulses, Oilseeds, Rice etc. Aphids, Ants, Armyworm, Milly bugs, Chinch Bugs, Corn Borers, Corn Earworm, Corn Rootworm,  Cotton   Leafworm,  Cutworms,  Flea   Beetles, Grasshoppers, Grubs, Lesser Cornstalk Borer, Locusts, Mole Crickets, Seedcorn Maggot, Sowbugs, Hispa, Leaf Roller, Gall Midge, Stem Borer, Aphid, Pod Borer, Cutworm, Black Bug, Early Shoot & Stalk Borer, Pyrilla, Ballworm, White Fly, Grey Weevil, Root Grub, Shoot & Fruit Borer, DBM, Leafhopper, Black Citrus Aphid, Ground Beetle, Locust Hopper. 50 ml/pump Non-systemic  with  broad  spectrum  contact, stomach and repiratory action  with  vapor action and a quick knockdown effect. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
21. Chlorpyrifos 50% EC Krishan 50 (KR), Predator (Dow), Tricel 48 EC (Excel), Megaban Super (MIL), Deviban TC (Devidayal), Sacban (Shivalik), Chowkidar (GIL), Lethal 50(IIL).Tagban-TC(Tropical),Integer(Coromandel),Hiban 50(HIL), Leafan-50 (Advance), Oshchlor (Oshnic), Kartoos 50 (Amber), Gold Ban TC (CCIL), Hitlor (AOL) ~ 40-50 ml/pump Non-systemic with contact, stomach & respiratory action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
22. Chromafenozide 80% WP Dodger (PI Ind.) ~ It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
23. Clothianidin 50% WDG Dentotsu (Sumitomo) ~  Used for seed treatment in groundnut for control of white grub and leaf minor of vegetables 50 gm/kg of seed Insecticide of Neonicotinoids group
24. Cypermethrin 10% EC Kricyp-10 (KR), Starcip-10 (Swal), Megatrin (MIL), Cyper King (KCS), Ustaad  (UPL),  Devicyper  10  (Devidayal),  SuperKiller  10  (Dhanuka), Cypermil (IIL), Cypercot 10 E (Kilpest), Challenger 10 (Tropical), Shakti-10 (Cheminova), Super Jet (SuperCSL), Cypercil (GSP), Action-10 (CCIL), Shera 10 (AOL) ~  Bollworms, Jassid, Thrips, Shoot & Fruit Borer, Jassid in cotton, vegetables 350-500 ml/acre Non-systemic,  Contact  &  Stomach.  Synthetic pyrethroid group
25. Cypermethrin 25% EC Cymbush (Syngenta), Kricyp-25  (KR),  Starcip-25  (Swal),  Megacyper (MIL), Cyrux (UPL), Colt (PI Ind.), Devicyprin 25 (Devidayal), MaxKill  (Vimax), Pyro 401 (Sumil), Super Killer 25 (Dhanuka), Crop Cyper (NACL), Super  Fighter  (IIL),  Cypercot  25E  (Kilpest),  Chellenger  25  (Tropical), Shakti-25 (Cheminova), Super Jet+ (SuperCSL), Jackpot-25 (Crystal), Cyperkill(Coromandel), Hirange 25EC(Yesell),Cypersul 25 (Sulphur Mills),Auzar 25EC (BioStadt), Cyper  (Canary),  Cobra  (GSP),  Anth (Amber), Action-25 (CCIL), Shera 25 (AOL) ~  Bollworms,  DBM,  Fruit  and  Shoot  Borers  mainly  in Cotton, Cabbage, Vegetables 220-300 ml / acre & 30-40 ml/pump Non-systemic,  Contact  &  Stomach.  Synthetic pyrethroid group
26. Cypermethrin 5% EC Decis 100 (Bayer ~
27. Deltamethrin 11% EC Decis 2.8 (Bayer), Shastra (Devidayal), Tagcis 100 – 11% EC (Tropical), Tagcis & Tagcis Flow 2.5% SC (Tropical) ~  Boll worm in cotton, Fruit borer in tomato, chili and okra, leaf folder, stem borer, whorl maggot, green leaf hopper in rice.

~  Control of chewing and sucking insects. Effective against a wide range of insect pests, which include Lepidoptera, Homoptera; particularly Aphids and Psylla but also some Coccidea and Cicadellinea,   Heteroptera,  Thysanoptera;   selected   thrips species, Diptera, Coleoptera and Orthoptera.

Synthetic pyrethroid group. It is non systemic insecticide which acts by contact and ingestion, and exhibiting a broad spectrum
28. Deltamethrin 2.8% EC Polo/Pegasus  (Syngenta),  Krijet/Krijet  Super  (KR),  Alero  (Sumil), Logo/Gama (IIL), Ferotia (Coromandel), Derby (BioStadt), Ruby/Declare (GSP) ~  Boll worm & sucking pests in cotton, thrips, leaf roller & semi-looper in tea, shoot & fruit borer and jassid in okra, leaf miner in groundnut, hopper in mango, fruit borer, Heliothis and Spodoptera in chili, heliothis in chickpea, shoot and fruit borer in brinjal, pod borer and pod fly in red gram. Neurotoxin acting primarily on the basal ganglia of the central nervous system. Synthetic pyrethroid group
29. Diafenthiuron 50% SP Doom  (UPL),  Fume  (KR),  Starchlor  (Swal),  Divine  (MIL),  Devikol (Devidayal), DDVP King (KCS), Divap (PI Ind.), Crywap 75 EC (Vimax), Suvan  (SuperCSL),  Marvex  Super  (Coromandel),  Hilvos  (HIL),  Avon (Advance),  Hyvap  (HCL),  Demand  (Sulphur  Mills),  Drone  (PCCPL), Steamer (Canary), Haq (Amber), Badal 76 (Bharat), Nuvos (CCIL) ~ 25 gm/pump Organotine  miticides group.  Inhibitors  of mitochondrial ATP synthase
30. Dichlorovos (DDVP) 76% EC Klin (KR), Starkel (Swal), Tiktok (UPL), Might (Devidayal), Sumfol (Sumil), Colonel-S (Indofil), Tagfol (Tropical), Hilfol 18.5 & 46 EC (HIL), Difol 18.5 SC (Sulphur Mills) ~  BHP, Leaf Folder, Army Worm, Leaf Eating, Caterpilar, Red pumpkin Beetle, Pyrilla 250-350 ml/acre Contact & Stomach Fumigation action
31. Dicofol 18.5% EC Klin (KR), Starkel (Swal), Tiktok (UPL), Might (Devidayal), Sumfol (Sumil), Colonel-S (Indofil), Tagfol (Tropical), Hilfol 18.5 & 46 EC (HIL), Difol 18.5 SC (Sulphur Mills) ~ Non-systemic, Contact
32. Diflubenzuron 2% GR Barcelo GR (Bayer) ~  Used for the control of mosquito larvae in water bodies like cesspits, drains, disused wells and pools. 1.25-3.0 kg/ha in clear water
33. Diflubenzuron 2% TB Barcelo TB (Bayer) ~  used for control of mosquito larvae of Aedes aegypti,Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus in unused  coolers 0.5-1.0 ppm /40 lit. of water
34. Dimethoate 30% EC Rogor (Cheminova), Tara-909 (Swal), Nugor (UPL), Progor (Pioneer), Devigon 30 (Devidayal), Tafgor (TATA), Crop Diamond (NACL), Rogorin (IIL), Kilgore 30 E (Kilpest), Tagore (Tropical), Kigor (SKACC) ~  It  is  highly effective  in controlling  the  sucking and caterpillar pests.
35. Dinotefuran 20% SG Osheen (PI Ind.), Token (Indofil), Oshin 20SG (BioStadt) ~
36. Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG Proclaim (Syngenta), Missile (Crystal), Emstar 5 (KR), Starclaim (Swal), Robot (Excel), Spolit (UPL), Empower (Sumil), Tatkal (Gharda), Wegon (Vimax),  EM-1  (Dhanuka),  Xplode  (IIL),  Benzer (Coromandel),  Emzet (Sulphur Mills), Trust (Nagarjuna), Bioclaim & Inclaim (BioStadt), Claim  (Canary), Emacto (Willowood), Proceed (Amber) ~  Tea Totrix, Stem Borel, DBM, Bollworm, Leaf Folder, Fruit & Shoot Borer in Cotton, Okra 80-100 gm/acre
37. Endosulfan 35% EC Endostar (Swal), Thiokill (UPL), King Sulfan (KCS), Crop Endo (NACL), Kildofan (Kilpest), Su Sulfan (SuperCSL), Hildan (HIL), Dhira (PCCPL), Endon (CCIL) ~
38. Endosulfan 4% DP Kildofan 4DP (Kilpest) ~
39. Ethion 50% EC Tafethion (TATA), Krithion (KR), Mit-505 (Swal), Mitkill (UPL), King Mite (KCS), Fosmite (PI Ind.), Deviastra (Devidayal), Vithion (Vimax), Fighter (Kilpest), Sumite (SuperCSL), Hilmite (HIL), Shakti (IPL) ~  . It is very effective against Mites especially on Chilies Cotton, Fruits and Vegetables.
40. Etofenprox 10% EC Trebon Excel 10EC (BioStadt) ~
41. Etofenprox 30% EC Dash 30EC (BioStadt) ~
42. Fenobucarb (BPMC) 50% EC Knock  (KR),  Hulchul  (Devidayal),  Blast  (Tropical),  Hopcide  50EC (BioStadt), Break (Willowood), Aandhi (Bharat) ~  Used to control hoppers.
43. Fenpropathrin 10% EC Danitol (Sumitomo) ~  Pink   bollwarm,   spotted   bollwarm   and   3merican
44. Fenpropathrin 30% EC Meothrin (Sumitomo) ~  Major pests in cotton, chilli, brinjal, okra and tea
45. Fenpyroximate 5% EC Sedna (TATA), K-Mit (KR), Pyromite (Excel), Dynamite Plus (IIL), Wilgate (Willowood) ~  Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Mites, Psyllam Red Spider Mite, Pink Mite, Purple Mite, Yellow Mite 20-30 ml/pump It is acaricide, recommended for Yellow mites in chilli.
46. Fenvalerate 0.4% DP Devifen 0.4 DP (Devidayal), Fencot 0.4 D (Kilpest) ~  Leafhoppers, Mealybugs, Mites, Psyllam Red Spider Mite, Pink Mite, Purple Mite, Yellow Mite Non-systemic, contact & stomach action. Synthetic pyrethroid group
47. Fenvalerate 20% EC Krifen (KR), Fenkill (UPL), King Pen (KCS), Fenval 20 EC (Isagro Asia), Devifen 20 (Devidayal), Tatafen 10 EC (TATA), Fencot 20 E (Kilpest), Final 20 (AOL) ~  It is Photostable and has quick action against a number of Chewing, Sucking and Boring insects on a wide variety  of  Crops.  It  is  also  used  as an  Animal Ectoparasiticide  and  is  highly  useful  for  control  of Termites in Agriculture, Forestry and in buildings. Non-systemic, contact & stomach action. Synthetic pyrethroid Insecticide
48. Fipronil 0.3% GR Regent GR (Bayer), Ruler 0.3GR (KR), Stargazette GR (Swal), Devigent 0.3GR (Devidayal), Sonic (TATA), Florina GR (Sumil), Fax GR (Dhanuka), Sargent GR (IIL), Tagagent GR (Tropical), Su-Nil GR (SuperCSL), Salvo GR (Coromandel), Fiprox G (Sulphur Mills), Avtar (PCCPL), Monil (Atul), Janbaaz GR (BioStadt), Fipro 0.3 (Canary), Vycm (Amber) ~  Stem Borer, Brown Plant Hopper Leaf Folder, Whorl Maggot,  Green  Leaf  Hopper,  White  Backed  Plant  Hopper,Gall midge of rice, early shoot borer and root borer and termite of sugarcane 10 kg/acre It acts as broad spectrum Grnular insecticide belongs to Phenyl Pyrazoles group. Contact and ingestion type of molecule.Disrupts the insect’s central nervous system by blocking the passage of chloride ions through the GABA receptor, an inhibitor of the central nervous system.
49. Fipronil 2.92% EC Agenda 25 EC (Bayer) ~  Used for the control of termites in buildings through pre & post construction treatments. Dilute 100 ml of formulation in 1 L of water for the control of termites in buildings during pre and post construction anti termite treatment. 100 ml/1 Lit. of water Fipronil  disrupts  normal  nerve  influx  transmission  (e.g. passage  of  chloride  ions)  by  targeting  the  GABA-gated chloride channel, causes excessive neural excitation, severe chloride channel, causes excessive neural excitation, severe GABA antagonist because it shows a greater binding affinity to insect than to mammal GABA receptors
50. Fipronil 5% SC Regent SC (Bayer), Ruler (KR), Stargazette (Swal), Sonic Flo (TATA), Devigent Plus (Devidayal), Fipro King (KCS), Vizent (Vimax), Sonic Flo (TATA), Rabid (CLSL), Florina 444 (Sumil), Mahaveer (Gharda), Fax SC (Dhanuka), Sargent SC (IIL), Tagagent SC (Tropical), Su-Nil (SuperCSL), Crigent SC (Crystal), Salvo SC (Coromandel), Frazer (Advance), Fiprosh EC  (Oshnic),  Fiprox  (Sulphur  Mills),  Monil  SC  (Atul),  Janbaaz  SC (BioStadt), Getter (Canary), Refree (GSP) ~  It targets Stem borer, BPH, Green leaf hopper, Leaf folder, Gall midge, White backed plant hopper, Whorl maggot on paddy, DBM on Cabbage, Thrips, Aphids, fruit  borer  on  chilly,  early  root  and  shoot  borer  on sugarcane. 25-30 ml/pump Belongs  to  the  Phenyl  pyrazoles  group.Its mode of action is contact and Systemic.Its features are wide spectrum, longer persistence and has phytotonic effect
51. Fipronil 80% WG Jump (Bayer), Ruler 80 (KR) ~  Stem borer and leaf folder in rice and thrips in grape 6-9 gm/pump Belongs to the Phenyl pyrazoles group
52. Flubendiamide 20% WG Fluton (PI Ind.), Takumi (TATA), Suraksha (Nagarjuna) ~  Recommended for Heliothis in cotton and Rice stem borer Anthralinic Diamides group
53. Flubendiamide 39.35% SC Fame (Bayer) ~  Boll worm in cotton, stem borer and leaf folder in rice, fruit borer in tomato, DBM in cabbage, pod borer in pigeon pea, black gram and Bengal gram, fruit borer in chili and brinjal, shoot borer in brinjal First  representative of a New chemical insecticide classes – the diamides. In contrast to other insecticide classes targeting the insect nervous system, it acts at receptors  in  insect  muscles  causing  an  immediate cessation of feeding and thus avoids crop damage
54. Hexythiazox 5.45% EC Endurer (Coromandel), Dimite (Nagarjuna), Xmite & Maiden (BioStadt) ~  For the effective control of mite Mite growth inhibitors (Clofentezine hexythiazox) group
55. Imidachloprid 17.8% SL Confidor (Bayer), Seamer (DuPont), Josh (KR), Imidastar (Swal), Imiden (Dow), Courage (MIL), Midas 2000 (Devidayal), King Dor (KCS), Jumbo  (PI Ind.), Imidacel 17.8 & 20 (Excel), Imida Gold (UPL), Expert 100 (Sumil), Sacdor (Shivalik), V-Mida (Vimax), Tatamida (TATA), Imigrow (CLSL), Expert 100 (Sumil), Atom (Indofil), Media (Dhanuka), Crop Mida (NACL), Victor(IIL),Kildor(Kilpest). Tropical Magic (Tropical), Chemida (Cheminova),Sumida (SuperCSL), Parrymida(Coromandel), Hilmida  (HIL), Hotshot (Sulphur Mills), Radiant (PCCPL), Mida (Nagarjuna), Ribo (Atul),  Ultimo  200SL  (BioStadt),  Farrata  (Canary),  Leopard  17.8  SL (Willowood), Imidore (CCIL), Midas (AOL) ~  For the control of Homopteran insects like Aphids, Whiteflies, Hoppers etc. It is recommended for control of Aphids, Jassids, Thrips and Whiteflies in Cotton, Brown Plant Hoppers, White Backed Plant Hoppers and Green Leaf Hoppers in Rice, Jassids, aphids and thrips in Chili, Hoppers in Mango and Termites in Sugarcane. 70-100 ml/acre15 ml/pump It belongs to the modern Neonicotinoids group of insecticides .It aremarkably high systemic  activity.Long duration control over pests as compared to conventional insecticides is the most distinct characteristic.
56. Imidachloprid 30.5% SC Confidor Super (Bayer), Josh Plus (KR), Protect (MIL), Super King (KCS), Jumbo (PI Ind.), MaxMida (Vimax), Termax (TATA), Expert Super (Sumil),  Victor super(IIL),Tropical Magic Super(Tropical),Sumida 30.5 (SuperCSL), Confidence Super (Crystal), Total Control (Oshnic), Hotshot Plus (Sulphur Mills), Leopard 30.5 SC (Willowood), Punj Super (Amber) ~  For control of termites in buildings, which can be, used both for  pre  and  post  construction  treatment..It is first non- repellent liquid Termiticide with a unique mode of action to control  even  toughest  subterranean  termite infestations through a process called “Lateral Soil Movement”.

~  Aphid, Jassids and thrips in chili and BPH & WBPH in rice

5-6 ml/pump It is a new generation Termiticide. It is a novel  insecticide belonging to new generation  Neonicotinoids group of chemicals with systematic action.
57. Imidachloprid 48% SL/FS Gaucho 48 FS (Bayer), Imigo 600 FS (UPL), Tatamida 600 FS (TATA), Tropical Magic 600 FS (Tropical) ~  For controlling sucking pests such as Jassids, Aphids, Whitefly and Thrips in cotton, okra & Sunflower. 5-9 gm/kg of seed for seed treatment It  is  a  novel  insecticide  belonging  to  new generation Neonicotinoids group of chemicals with systemic action
58. Imidachloprid 70% WG /WS Admire (Bayer), Tatamida 70WS (TATA), Josh 70 (KR), Dzire (Excel),Global 777(Sumil),Ad-Fyre(Dhanuka),Victor Plus(IIL),Tagmyre & Tropical Magic 70WS (Tropical), Pactus (Cheminova), Sumida 70 WG (SuperCSL), Looper & Confidence 555 WS (Crystal), Hilmida WS (HIL), Pronto  (Sulphur  Mills),  Eka  (PCCPL),  Mida-G  (Nagarjuna),  Edan (BioStadt), Hamster (Canary), Leopard 70WG (Willowood), Jatan (Amber) ~  Used for seed treatment for control of sucking pests in Cotton, Okra and Chili viz., Aphids, Jassids, Colorado Potato  Beetle,  Brown  Plant  hopers,  Rice  Hoppers, Termites, Whiteflies, Thrips, White Backed Plant hopers 3-5 gm/kg seed for seed  treatment It  is  a  novel  insecticide  belonging  to  new generation Neonicotinoids group of chemicals with systemic action
59. Indoxacarb 14.5% SC Avaunt (DuPont), Care (KR), Fego (UPL), Index (Devidayal), Vindoxa  (Vimax),  Indimax  (Sumil),  Dhawa  Gold (Dhanuka), Avval  (IIL), Kaal (Kilpest), Tagpower (Tropical), Super Indoxa (SuperCSL), Vantage (Sulphur Mills), Amsac (Atul), Indica (Willowood), Arav (Amber), Super Doxa (AOL) ~  Boll Worm, Fruit Borer, Pod Borer in Cotton, Tomato, Chili, Pigeon pea 160-200 ml/acre & 10-20 ml/pump Contact poison. Voltage dependent sodium channel blockers group
60. Lambda Cyhalothrin 2.5% EC Lambdastar  (Swal),  Ninja  (Devidayal),  Reeva  2.5  (TATA),  Flex  801 (Sumil), Agent Plus (Indofil), Bravo 2500 (IIL), Sumo (Kilpest), Demand (Tropical), Spider (SuperCSL), Judo (Crystal), Hillambda (HIL), Jaguar (Sulphur Mills),Xylo (Atul),Kozuka(Biostadt),Lambada 2.5(Canarv),Samurai(GSP) ~  It is recommended for control of Bollworms, Jassids and Thrips in Cotton and Leaf Roller, Stem Borer, GLH, Gall midge, Hispa and Thrips in Rice. 20-25 ml/pump Non-systemic, contact & stomach action & repellent  properties. New generation synthetic pyrethroid group insecticide. It controls a wide spectrum of chewing pests belonging to Lepidoptera and Coleoptera in crops such as cereals, ornamentals, potatoes, vegetables, cotton and other crops. It has moderate effect on sucking pests, which is an advantage over the conventional pyrethroids.
61. Lambda Cyhalothrin 10% WP Icon (Syngenta) ~ Synthetic pyrethroid group
62. Lambda Cyhalothrin 4.9% CS Matador (Syngenta), LOC++ (KR), Novell (Sumil), Metro (IIL), Challanger (Sulphur Mills), Farata (Canary), Spanner (GSP), Sip (Amber) ~ 20-25 ml/pump Synthetic pyrethroid group
63. Lambda Cyhalothrin 5% EC Karate (Syngenta), LOC-5 (KR), Judo (Devidayal), Richo (Vimax), Reeva 5 (TATA), Dragon 701 (Sumil), Bravo 5000 (IIL), Sumo Plus (Kilpest), Tag Command (Tropical), Spide plus (Super CSL) , Judo Plus (Crystal), Hillambda(HIL), Lakshya (Advance),Judho 5 EC (Yesel), Mustang (Sulphur Mills), Ray (PCCPL), Xylo-5 (Atul), Lambada5 (Canary), Sunny (Willowood), Santri (GSP), Remand (Amber), Kataar (CCIL), Thiachi (AOL) ~  Recommended for the control of Bollworms, Jassids and Thrips  in  Cotton,  Leaf Hopper,  Stem Borer,  GLH,  Gall Midge, Hispa, BPH & WBPH, Whorl Maggot in Rice, Shoot and Fruit Borer in Brinjal, Fruit Borer in Tomato. 20-25 ml/pump Non-systemic,  contact  &  stomach action  & repellent properties with little fumigant action. It is a modern Synthetic Pyrethroid Effective in Integrated Pest Management Synthetic pyrethroid group
64. Malathion 5% DP Devimalt 5 DP (Devidayal), Kropmal D (Kilpest) ~ Contact, stomach & respiratory action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
65. Malathion 50% EC Kthion (KR), Devimalt 50 (Devidayal), Milthion (IIL), Lakshya (Kilpest),Tagthion(Tropical),Cythion(Coromandel),Himala / Hilthion (HIL), Sulmathion (Sulphur Mills), Malathion 57EC(BioStadt) ~ Contact, stomach & respiratory action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
66. Metaflumizone 22% SC Tagline (Tropical) ~ Voltage dependent sodium channel blockers group
67. Metaldehyde 2.5% DP Snailkil (PI Ind.) ~
68. Methomil 40% SP Kinet (KR), Lannate (DuPont), Dunet (Dhanuka), Dash (Indofil), Draagon (Tropical), Scorpio (Sulphur Mills) ~ 300-500 ml Carbamates group
69. Methyl Parathion 2% DP Gramexin (Pioneer), Devithion 2DP (Devidayal), Kildot 2DP (Kilpest), Tagpar (Tropical) ~ Non-systemic,  contact,  stomach,  and  some respiratory action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
70. Methyl Parathion 50% EC Devithion 50 (Devidayal), Kildot 50 E (Kilpest) ~ Non-systemic,  contact,  stomach,  and  some respiratory action. It Belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
71. Monocrotophos 36% SL Phoskill (UPL), Rasayanphos (KR), Monostar (Swal), Megamono (MIL), King phos(KCS), Crotocel(Excel), Devimono (Devidayal),Monocip (Vimax) (Vimax), Monogil (GIL), Kevin 360 (Sumil), Crop Mono (NACL), Monocil(IIL) , Kilphex 36% WSC (Kilpest), Macrophos (Tropical), Sumo (SuperCSL), Luphos (Crystal), Parryfos/Monophos (Coromandel), Hilcron (HIL), Admono (Advance), Monofos 36 (Safex), Monosul (Sulphur Mills), Shura (PCCPL) ~  Beet Armyworm, Boll Weevil, Bollworm, Fleahoppers, Lygus Plant Bugs, Mites, Cutworm, Lesser Cornstalk Borer,  Peach  Aphid, Tobacco  Bud  Worm, Tobacco Hornworm, Vegetable Weevil. BPH, GLH, Leaf Folder, Yellow  Stem  borer, Pod  Borer,  Bollworms,  Aphid, Jassid, Thrips, Whitefly in Paddy, Pulses, Cotton 350-500 ml/acre Systemic and Contact.It belongs Organophosphate Insecticide group.
72. Niclosamide 70% WP Deadbol 70WP (BioStadt) ~ Anthralinic Diamides group
73. Novaluron 10% EC Rimon (Indofil), Noval (KR), Remostar (Swal), Novamax (Vimax), DNA (Willowood) ~ IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) group
74. Permethrin 25% EC Perkill  (UPL),  Agniban  (Devidayal),  Hawk  (IIL),  Tag  Bush  (Tropical), Permasect (Coromandel) ~ Contact  &  stomach  action,  having  a  slight repellent effect. Synthetic pyrethroid group
75. Phenthoate 50% EC Phendal (Coromandel), Salvo 50EC (BioStadt) ~
76. Phorate 10% SG/CG Foratox (PI Ind.), Kaymet (KR), Starphor 10G (Swal), Umet (UPL), Thimet  10CG (IIL), Tuskar 10 G (Kilpest), Helmet (Tropical), Sriphort (Crystal), Hilforate CG (HIL), Hilmet 10G (Canary) ~  Stem Borer, Hoppers, Shoot fly, Aphid, Borers, Sucking Pest in Paddy, Sorghum, Sugarcane, Vegetables 5-10 kg/acre Systemic and Contact
77. Phosphamidon 40% SL Starmidon (Swal), Kinadon Plus (UPL), Don 400 (Devidayal) ~  Sucking Pest, Leaf Folder, Stem Borer, Bollworms in Rice,  Paddy,  Cotton,  Chilli, Potato, Brinjal,  Banana, Mango 350-500 ml/acre Systemic
78. Profenophos 50% EC Curacron (Syngenta), Celcron (Excel), Jashn (TATA), Kriphos (KR), Proven (MIL), King Cron (KCS), Carina (PI Ind.), Devi-soldier (Devidayal), Profenofos 50 EC (GAICL), Banjo (IIL), Maxcron (Vimax), Jashn (TATA), Bahadur  201-  40%  (Sumil),  Tagpro  (Tropical),  Aurifos  (Cheminova), Sucron (SuperCSL), Kilcron (Crystal), Ajanta (Coromandel), Hilfos (HIL), Laser  (Advance),  Profos  (Sulphur  Mills),  Kombat  (PCCPL),  Profex (Nagarjuna), Orax (Atul), Prahar & Prudent (BioStadt), Simcron (GSP), Profax (AOL) ~  It controls wide range of harmful chewing and sucking insects. It is a proven ovicide. It effectively controls the  Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White fly and Boll worms. 50 ml/pump It belongs to a group called Organophosphate. Non-systemic  insecticide  &  Acaricide  with  contact & stomach action.
79. Propergite 57% EC Omite  (Dhanuka) ,  Propastar  (Swal),  Simbaa  (PI  Ind.),  Mastamite  (Chemtura), Teeka (Nagarjuna) ~ 400-600 ml/acre Organotine  miticides  group.  Inhibitors  of mitochondrial ATP synthase
80. Pymetrozine 50% WG Chess (Syngenta) ~  Immidiate aphid and whitefly control

~  Aphid 80gm/acre and whitefly 240 gm/acre

80-240 gm/acre Excellent  tool  for  IPM  and  IRM  programmes. Pymetrozine (Selective Homopteran feeding blockers) group
81. Quinalphos 1.5% DP Deviquin 1.5 DP (Devidayal), Keterphos 1.5 D (Kilpest) ~ Contact and stomach action
82. Quinalphos 25% EC Ekalux (Syngenta),  Krilux  (KR),  Starlux  25  EC  (Swal),  Deviquin  25 (Devidayal),  Virsta  (Vimax),  Flash  (Indofil),  Keterphos  25  E  (Kilpest), Vazra-25 (Cheminova), Hilquin (HIL), Battle (GKR), Krush (BioStadt) ~  For the control of termites in groundnut Contact and stomach action
83. Spinosad 2.5% EC Success (Dow) ~  It  has  got  the  new  mode  of  action  that  effectively controls the targeted insects. It is highly safe to natural enemies. Spinosad is a fermented product. It is a contact  insecticide. It also provides long duration control Macrocyclic lactone (Spinosyns) group
84. Spinosad 45% SC Spintor  (Bayer),  Tracer  (Dow),  One-Up  (Dhanuka),  Taffin  (TATA), Conserve (Nagarjuna), ~  Aphid, jassids, shoot & fruit borer in brinjal and girdle beetle and semilooper of soybean

~  It  has  got  the new  mode  of  action  that  effectively controls the targeted insects. It is highly safe to natural enemies.

60 ml/acre 6 ml/pump Spinosad is a fermented product. It is a contact insecticide. It also provides long duration control. Macrocyclic lactone (Spinosyns) group
85. Spiromesifen 22.9% SC Oberon (Bayer), Voltage (PI Ind.) ~  Red  spider  mite  of  brinjal,  tea, okra  and  apple, European red mite in apple, yello mite of chili, white fly and mite of tomato and cotton. 250 ml/acre

25 ml/pump

Novel foliar contact insecticide / acaricide belonging to the chemical class of Ketoenols. It has been developed world wide for the control of mites and whitefly on vegetables, fruits, cotton  and  tea.  The  product  is  active  against  all  the developmental stages of mites and whiteflies resulting in long lasting control. It is safe on beneficial insects and with its new mode  of action offers excellent  management  of resistant whiteflies and mites.
86. Temephos 50% EC Terminate (Devidayal) ~ Non-systemic
87. Thiachloprid 21.7% SC Alanto (Bayer), Splendour (Cheminova) ~  Aphid, Jassids, thrips, whitefly in cotton, stem borer in paddy, thrips in chili and apple, mosquito bug in tea, shoot and fruit borer in brinjal, girdle beetle in soybean. 100 ml/acre

100 ml/acre

Neonicotinoids group. Broad spectrum of pests. Rain- fastness property  is stable  even  under conditions of heavy rains and sunlight providing longer persistence.
88. Thiodicarb 75% WP Larvin (Bayer) ~  Boll worm in cotton, DBM in cabbage, shoot and fruit borer in brinjal, fruit borer in chili, pod borer in black gram and pigeon pea. It  is  a  carbamate  insecticide  very  effective  against lepidopteran  pests.  Larvin  is  best  suited  for  pest management programmes because it exhibits combined ovicidal,  larvicidal,  adulticidal  and  residual  activity. Larvin, being a strong stomach poison provides the best solution for the control of gregarious polyphagous leaf feeders like Spodoptera spp.
89. Thiamethoxam 25% WG Actara (Syngenta), Kri-Oxm (KR), Battalion (Swal), Theme (MIL), King Tara (KCS), Maxima (PI Ind.), Wonderex (Excel), Renova (UPL), Devitara (Devidayal), Maestro 707 (Sumil), Maxtara (Vimax), Giltara (GIL), Click (Indofil), Areva (Dhanuka), Arrow (IIL), Actor (Kilpest), Tagxone (Tropical), Super Tara (SuperCSL), Extra Super (Crystal), Optra (Coromandel), Spike (Sulphur  Mills),  Dxtar  (Nagarjuna),  Spora  (Atul),  Evident  &  Tiomax (BioStadt), Willoxam (Willowood), Abhedh (Amber), Agrostar (AOL) ~  Stem Borer, Gall Midge, Leaf Folder, White Backed Plant  hoppers, Brown  Plant  hoppers,  Green  Leaf Hooper,Thrips,Hoopers, Jassids, Aphid  ,Whitefly. Rapidly taken up into the plant and transported acropetally in the xylem. 40-80 gm/acre & 8-10 gm/pump Systemic, Contact & Stomach. Neonicotinoids group
90. Thiamethoxam 30% FS Slayer Pro (GSP), Abhedh Super (Amber), ………..(Sumil) ~  Used for seed treatment in groundnut for white grub. Neonicotinoids group
91. Thiamethoxam 70% WS Slayer (GSP) ~ Neonicotinoids group
92. Thiamethoxam 75% SG Capcadis (Syngenta) ~ 50-65 gm/acre As a Soil application with fertilizer or sand Systemic, contact and stomach action.Neonicotinoids group
93. Triazophos 20% EC Jane 20% (KR) ~ Organophosphates group
94. Triazophos 40% EC Josh (UPL), Tarzan (KR), Triazostar (Swal), Truzo (MIL), Trizocel (Excel), Current 440 (Devidayal), Traz (Sumil), Ghatak (Dhanuka), Crop Tryzo (NACL),  Titan  (IIL),  Kilthion  (Kilpest),  Kargil  (Tropical),  Trifos-40 (Cheminova),  Suthion  (SuperCSL),  Hilazofos  (HIL),  Trizo  (Advance), Triaceo (Sulphur Mills), Myza (Atul), Fulstop 40EC (BioStadt), Wilphos(Willowood), Trizo (GSP), Devak (Amber), Junoon 40 (AOL) ~  Pink  &  Spotted  Bollworms,  Whitefly,  White  Backed Planthoppers,   Stem   Borer,   Leaf   Folder,   Brown Planthoppers, Hispa,  Girdle  Beetle,  Leaf Miner, Epilachana Beetle 350-500 ml/acre & 40-50 ml/pump Contact and Stomach Organophosphates group
Mixture Insecticides…
95. Acephate 50% + Imidachloprid 1.8% SP Lancer Gold (UPL), Stargold (Swal) ~
96. Chlorantraniliprole 9.3% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 4.6% ZC Ampligo (Syngenta) ~ 80-100 ml/acre, 8-10 ml/pump Contact and translaminar action. Mixture of Anthralinic Diamides and synthetic pyrethroid group insecticide
97. Chlorpyrifos 16% + Alphamethrin 1% EC Anth Super (KR), Legend Plus (MIL), Chlorthrin (Devidayal), Pincer 115 (Sumil), Aflatoon (IIL), Alert (Tropical), Logan (SuperCSL), Zoro (Crystal), Twins (Sulphur Mills), Aaghaat (Bharat) ~  Effectively controls wide range of sucking as well as  chewing pest 30-35 ml/pump Contact & Stomach action.Mixture of Organophosphate and Synthetic pyrethroid group insecticide.
98. Chlorpyrifos 21% + Fenobucarb (BPMC) 10.5% EC Perfek 31.5 EC (BioStadt) ~ Mixture of Organophosphate and Carbamates group insecticide
99. Chlorpyrifos 50% + Cypermethrin 5% EC Double  Star  (Swal),  Anth  (KR),  Sinergy  (MIL),  Combi  King  (KCS), Koranda 505 (TATA), Sac 505 (Shivalik), Hamla 550 (Gharda), Super Strong 505 (Sumil), Lethal Super 505 (IIL), Pradhan (Kilpest), Action 505 (Tropical),  Nurocomb  (Cheminova),  Super  505  (SuperCSL),  Catchh (Coromandel),  Hilhunter  (HIL),  Lynch  +  Combi  (PCCPL),  Cannon (Nagarjuna), Balio (Atul), Ulka 505 (BioStadt), Cyklon (GSP), Panther (Amber), Nagraj 505 (CCIL) ~  It effectively controls the lepidopteran insects in a wide range of crops.

~  It is recommended for Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, White fly, American Bollworm, Spotted Bollworm, Pink Bollworm and Spodoptera litura of Cotton.

350-400 ml/acre



It’s a systemic and contact insecticide. It is one among the broad spectrum control insecticide. Mixture of Organophosphate and Synthetic pyrethroid group insecticide
100. Cypermethrin 3% + Quinalphos 20% EC Viraat (UPL), Alert (Devidayal) ~  Bollworms, Other Caterpillars, Fruit & Shoot Borers in cotton, vegetables 350-500 ml/acre Contact & Stomach mixture of Synthetic pyrethroid group and insecticide.
101. Deltamethrin 0.27% + Buprofezin 5.65% EC Devikey (Devidayal), Tusker (Crystal) ~  For the control of mealy bug and sucking pest Non-systemic, persistent insecticide and Flubendia with contact and stomach action; not translocated in the  plant. Inhibits  moulting of nymphs & larvae, leading to death .Also suppresses oviposition by adults , treated insects lay sterile eggs.
102. Deltamethrin 1% + Triazophos 35% EC Tiger (KR), Truzo Super (MIL), Tricada (Sumil), Combi DT (Devidayal), Shark (IIL), Shock (Kilpest), Tridelta (Tropical), Delfosse (Advance), Fusion (Sulphur Mills), Scoop (Willowood), Anaconda Plus (CCIL) ~ 35-40


Contact & Stomach
103. Ethion 40% + Cypermethrin 5% EC Nagata (TATA), Colfos (PI Ind.), Jashn (KR), Mitplus (Swal), Mit Plus (Swal), Cyperton (MIL), Eagle 405 (Devidayal), Rim Jhim (IIL), Sumite-405 (SuperCSL) ~  Effectively controls wide range of pest’s viz., Heliothis, spotted bollworm & pink bollworm in cotton.  It is also effective against whiteflies on cotton and vegetables. 350-400 ml/acre 35-40 ml/pump Broad spectrum, contact & stomach action with acaridal effects
104. Imidachloprid 19.81% + Beta-cyfluthrin8.49% OD Solomon (Bayer) ~  Aphid, jassids, shoot & fruit borer in brinjal and girdle beetle and semilooper of soybean It has a  combination  of systemic  and contact properties which gives quick knockdown and anti- feeding  effects.  It  is  thus  a  broad  segment insecticide for sucking and biting pests.
105. Imidachloprid 40% + Ethiprole 40% WG Glamore (Bayer) ~  Brown plant hopper, white backed plant hopper in rice It is a very good tool for hopper management there by avoiding possibly of burn in the later crop stages. The combination of two different modes of action makes it an excellent tool in resistant management programs.
106. Imidachloprid 40% + Fipronil 40% WG Lesenta (Bayer) ~  White grubs in sugarcane Good tool for the management of chronic problems of white grub.
107. Flubendiamide 19.92% + Thiachloprid 19.92% SC Belt Expert (Bayer) ~  Thrips and fruit borer in chili Muscular  Dysfunction  (FLB)  and  nervous  system dysfunction (TCP) Flubendiamide acts as a Ryanodine Receptor disruptor of cellular calcium movement,important for muscle contractions..It causes lethargy, paralysis, rapid feeding cessation and death.
108. Indoxacarb 14.5% + Acetamiprid 7.7% SC Caesar (DuPont), Indoprid (Willowood) ~
109. Profenophos 40% + Cypermethrin 4% EC Polytrin C (Syngenta), Kriphos Super (KR), Correct (MIL), Prosper-44 (Devidayal), Profeno King (KCS), Roket (PI Ind.), Hitcel (Excel), Banjo Super  (IIL),  Maxcron  Super  (Vimax)  Protrin  (Sumil),  Razor  (Kilpest), Pataka (Tropical), Sumit 99 (SuperCSL), Kilcron Plus (Crystal), Impact (Advance), Cypro (Sulphur Mills), Profex Super (Nagarjuna), Orax Super (Atul), Genesis (Willowood), Ajanta Super (Coromandel), Legend Super (CCIL) ~  Bollworm of cotton

~  Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, Whiteflies, Bollworm Complex, Hispa, Leaf  Roller,  Gall  Midge,  Stem  Borer,  Aphid,  Pod  Borer, Cutworm, Black Bug, Early Shoot & Stalk Borer, Pyrilla, White Fly, Root Grub, Grey Weevil, Shoot & Fruit Borer, Diamond Black Moth(DBM), Leafhopper, Black Citrus  Aphid, Ground Beetle, Locust

400-600 ml/acre & 35-40 ml/pump Broad spectrum, contact & stomach action
110. Thiamethoxam 1% + Chlorantraniliprole 0.5% GR Virtako (Syngenta) ~  Stem borer and leaf curling worm in Paddy Systemic granule insecticide
111. Thiamethoxam 12.6% + Lambda Cyhalothrin 9.5% ZC Alika (Syngenta) ~  For all sucking pest 15 ml/pump Systemic insecticide
112. Thiamethoxam 17.5% + Chlorantraniliprole 8.8% GR Voliam Flexi (Syngenta) ~




FUNGICIDES / BACTERICIDES Technical Brand Name Application Dose/Acre Mode of action
1. Azoxystrobin 23% SC Amistar (Syngenta), Meerador (Adama), Azogro (Coromandel) ~  Control on more than 400 type fungi 15 ml/pump Systemic and preventive fungicide belong to Methoxy acrylate group
2. Benomyl 50% WP Benofit (Coromandel), Kriben (KR), Cure (Tropical), Bentech (Advance) ~  Soil borne diseases
3. Captan 50% WP Captan (KR), Captan (Devidayal), Captaf (TATA), Captra (Indofil), Kaptan (Tropical), Acmecap (ACME) ~  It is ideally suited to control diseases like Scab, Brown rot, Damping off, Downy Mildew, Fruit rot, Clump rot, various Leaf – spots including Tikka disease, Early and Late Blights and Dry root rot diseases effectively.

~  It gives excellent protection against a wide variety of fungal infections in crops both at seeding stage and in mature plants

3 gm/kg

seed for seed treatment

Protective and curative action. It is an organic, broad- spectrum, contact fungicide. It therefore serves both as a seed- dresser and as a foliar spray to control seed- borne  diseases,  soil  inhibiting  fungi  and  foliar/fruit diseases. Heterocyclic nitrogen group
4. Carbendazim 25% EC Ultra 25 EC (IIL) ~ Benzimidazole group
5. Carbendazim 46.27% SC Pearl (Sulphur Mills), Prosper 444 (Sumil), Nakshatra (PCCPL), Halloween (Canary), Wilzim SC (Willowood), Deepit (Amber) ~  Powdery mildew of grapes and mango 20-25 ml/pump & 500 ml for soil drenching Systemic and curative fungicide. Benzimidazole group
6. Carbendazim 50% WP Bavistin (BASF), Kvistine (KR), Starbenz (Swal), Benguard (Dow), Milstin (MIL), Devistin (Devidayal), Camry 767 (Sumil), Vistine (Vimax), Benfil (Indofil), Dhanustin (Dhanuka), Crop Care (NACL), Sahara (IIL), Micfun (Kilpest),   Tagstin   (Tropical),   Carzim-50   (Cheminova),   Superstein (SuperCSL),  Sten  (Coromandel),  Hilzim-50  (HIL),  Adzim  (Advance), Carben  (Sulphur  Mills),  Tiara  (PCCPL),  Mintho  (Atul),  Bavistin  50DF  (BioStadt), Wilzim (Willowood), Spider (Amber), Goldstin (CCIL), Falak (AOL), Acmestin (ACME) ~ 30-35 gm/pump Systemic,Protective and curative action. Benzimidazole group
7. Chlorothalonil 75% WP Kavach (Syngenta), Jatayu (Coromandel), K-Nil (KR), Ishaan 75 WP (TATA), Willonyl (Willowood), Pithoo (Amber), Dolphin (ACME) ~  Recommended for Downy mildew, Anthracnose, Early blight,  Late  blight,  Leaf  spots,  Damping  off,  etc.  in Grapes, Potato, Chilies, Banana, Tomato, etc. 25-30 gm/pump Contact fungicide. Chloronitriles group
8. Copper Hydroxide 77% WP Kocide 101 (DuPont), Hi-Dice 77% WP (Dhanuka) ~ Belongs to Inorganic group Copper based fungicide
9. Copper Oxychloride 50% WDG Topgun DF (Sulphur Mills), Blueget 727 (Sumil), Acmecop WDG (ACME) ~  As per above 400 gm/acre Contact Protective Fungicide and anti- bactericide. Belongs to Inorganic group Copper based fungicide.
10. Copper Oxychloride 50% WP Blue Copper (Syngenta), Blitox (TATA), Trust (KR), Cuprina (PI Ind.), Devicopper (Devidayal), Copper-S (Safex), Trucop (Indofil), Dhanucop (Dhanuka), Crop Cap (NACL), Blue-Vit (Kilpest), Tagcop (Tropical), Su- Copper  (SuperCSL),  Blyton  (Crystal),  Hilcopper  (HIL),  Beltox  50  WP (Yesell), Copter (Canary), Riva & Gold Copper-50 (CCIL), Acmecop WP (ACME) ~  Used for the control Root rot diseases

~  For anthracnose of grapes and mango

~  It is a very effective Fungicide for the control of diseases on field, garden and plantation Crops

~  It is extensively used on blights of potato and tomato, fruit diseases, mildew of tobacco, vegetables, diseases of coffee, tea etc.

500-700 gm/acre Contact–   Protective   Fungicide   and   anti- bactericide. Belongs to Inorganic group Copper based fungicide
11. Difenconazole 25% EC Score (Syngenta), Karara (KR), Debut (Indofil), Indream (BioStadt) ~  For the control of wilt of cumin 10 ml/pump Systemic fungicide. Preventive and  curative action. Triazoles group
12. Difenconazole 3% FS Dividend (Syngenta) ~  Use for the seed treatment
13. Dimethomorph 50% WP Acrobat (BASF), Lurit (PI Ind.), Promcel (Excel), Talon (Tropical), Odin (Coromandel), Dimm (Sulphur Mills) ~  Fungi, Plasmopara, Phytophthora Cinnamic acid derivative group Fungicide
14. Dinocap 48% EC Karathane (Dow) ~ Dinocap group
15. Dodine 6.5% WP Noor (Indofil) ~ Guanidine group
16. Fenazaquin 10% EC Magister (DuPont) ~
17. Flusilazole 40% EC Nustar (DuPont), Cursor (Dhanuka) ~  Powdery mildew 100-400 ml/acre Triazoles group
18. Fosefyl AL 80% WP Aliette (Bayer) ~  Effective against Oomycetes fungi like downy mildew of grapes and damping off & Azhkal disease of cardamom Ethyl Phosphonate group
19. Hexaconazole 2% SC Samarth 2SC (TATA) ~  For  the control  of Powdery mildew  and Fruit  rot in Chillies and Early blight and Late Blight in Potato Triazole group Fungicide. It controls the diseases in both preventive and curative action.
20. Hexaconazole 5% EC Contaf (TATA), Hexostar (Swal), Hexzol (Excel), Conquer (UPL), Force (Devidayal), Total (Indofil), Ole Ole 601 (Sumil), Sitara (Indofil), Hexadhan (Dhanuka ), Avone (IIL) ,Kiltaf (Kilpest ) , Hexacon (Tropical) , Danzole

(Cheminova),  Super  Hexa (SuperCSL), Corazole  EC  (Coromandel), Hilzole (HIL), Hexafine (Advance), Hexamax (Sulphur Mills), Xantho (Atul), Trigger (BioStadt), Glory EC (Canary), Alert (GSP), Acmezole EC (ACME)

~  Powdery Mildew, Scab, Rust, Blast, Sheath Blight in Rice, Tikka Leaf Spot, Major Diseases in Small Grain Cereals. Effectively Controls wide range of fungal Diseases. Protect the Crops for longer period. Highly effective against sheath blight of paddy, leafspots and blights on all types of crops and powdery mildew of Crops like grapes, chillies etc. 250-400 ml/acre 25-40 ml/pump Bord  Spectram Systemic, protective  Action Triazole group Fungicide
21. Hexaconazole 5% SC Contaf Plus (TATA), Krizol 5 SC (KR), Hexostar Plus (Swal), Force Plus (Devidayal), Vintaf (Vimax), Hexzol Gold (Excel), Premier 999 (Sumil), Sitara Plus (Indofil), Avone Plus (IIL), Hexacon Super (Tropical), Danzole Plus (Cheminova), Super Hexa Plus (SuperCSL), Cryzol (Crystal), Corazol SC (Coromandel), Flomax (Sulphur Mills), Remo (PCCPL), Mass Pus (Nagarjuna), Xantho Premium (Atul), Trigger Pro (BioStadt), Glory SC (Canary),  Harmony  (Willowood), Alert Plus (GSP), Perfect (Amber), Hexcon (CCIL), Acmezole SC (ACME) ~  It  has  broad-spectrum  action  against  ascomycetes basidiomycetes and fungi  imperfecti. It is ergosterol biosynthesis  inhibitor thereby  controlling growth and reproduction  of  plant  fungal pathogens . It is useful for controlling Powdery mildews, rusts and leaf spots in cereals, oil seeds, horticultural and plantation crops and also for the effective control of Rice Sheath Blight.  

250-300 ml/acre 25-30 ml/pump

Systemic, protective & curative action. An excellent Triazole group Fungicide
22. Iprobenfos 48% EC Tagkit (Tropical) ~
23. Isoprothiolane 40% EC Fujione (TATA), Blaster (IIL), Rhizo (Atul), Fezuki (Amber) ~  Recommended for control of Blast disease in Paddy. Nihon Nohyaku group
24. Kasugamycin 3% SL Kasu-B (Dhanuka), Biomycin/Omycin (BioStadt) ~  For rice blast, dieback 400-500 ml/acre Anti-biotic
25. Kitazin 48% EC Kitazin (PI Ind.) ~ Organophosphorus group
26. Kresoxim Methyl 44.3% SC Ergon (TATA) ~  For  the  management  of  Grape  Downy  Mildew  & Powdery mildew diseases. It is also known to provide quality yield benefits apart from providing protection from different diseases in crop like Paddy.  

150 ml/acre

15 ml/pump

Noval Strobilurin Fungicides developed indigenously. Oximino acetates group
27. Mancozeb 35% SC Hydroman (Sulphur Mills), Viva (Sumil), Eurofil NT – 35 SC (Indofil), Acmezeb 35 (ACME) ~  Early and late blight of potato 75-100 ml/pump Non-systemic & Contact fungicide. Belongs from Dithiocarbamate group.
28. Mancozeb 75% WP Dithane M-45 (Dow), Indofil M-45 (Indofil) & Manfil 75 WG (Indofil), Tata M-45 (TATA), Rasayan M-45 (KR), Stargem-45 (Swal), Uthane M-45 (UPL),  Devidayal  M-45 (Devidayal), Pluto M-45(Sumil) ,Marlett (Coromandel), Crythane M-45 (Vimax), M-Guard 45 (Gharda), King Zeb 45 (KCS), Dhanuka M-45 (Dhanuka), Crop Man (NACL), Leo M-45 (IIL),  Kilpest M-45 (Kilpest), Zinthane M-45 (Tropical), Super M-45 (SuperCSL), Crystal M-45 (Crystal), Hilthane M-45 (HIL), Ad-45 (Advance), Hyzeb M-45  (HCL), Veera (PCCPL), Sparsh (BioStadt), Emthane (Sabero), Mover (Canary), Mentor (Amber), Acmezeb (ACME), Dr. M-45 (AOL), Manikya M-45 (Vizien), Gold M-45 (CCIL) ~  Brown rust & black rust of wheat, Leaf blight & downy mildew of maize, Blast of paddy, Leaf spot of jowar, Early blight & late blight of potato, Late blight, buck eye rot & leaf spot of tomato, Damping off, fruit rot, ripe rot and leaf spot of chilies, Leaf blight of onion, Leaf spot of tapioca, Yellow disease of ginger, Leaf spot of sugar beet, Collar rot of cauliflower, Tikka, leaf spot & rust of groundnut, Rust of soybean, Leaf spot of black gram, Scab, sooty blotch, black rot & fly speck of apple, Angular leaf spot, downy mildew & anthracnose of grapes, Fruit rot of guava, Cigar end rot, tip rot, sigatoka leaf spot of banana, Anthracnose of watermelon.

~  Used for seed treatment in groundnut for the control of collar rot & leaf spot

400-600 gm

40-60 gm/pump

Non-systemic, contact with protective action, acts by disrupting lipid metabolism. Belongs from Dithiocarbamate group.
29. Mandipropamid 23.4% SC Revus (Syngenta) ~  Downy mildew of Grapes

~  Late blight of Potato & Tomato

120 ml/acre

12 ml/pump

Contact fungicide with strong fungicidal activity against  foliar  Oomycetes  pathogens It  has unique translaminar action which helps longer duration of control.
30. Metalaxyl 35% WS Glazer (TATA), Krilaxyl 35 (KR), Metalaxyl (MIL), Krilaxyl (KR), Rampart (UPL),  Galaxy  (Devidayal),  Himil  Plus  (IIL),  Tagron  (Tropical),  Matrix (Advance), Mask (HCL), Pcmetal (PCCPL), Metal (GSP), Acmexyl (ACME) ~  It is used for protection from pre and post emergent seedling blights and fungal seed rots in Maize, Bajra, Sorghum & Sunflower.

~  Downy Mildew in Bajra & Maize

3-6 gm/kg seed for seed treatment & 15 gm/pump Systemic, protective & curative action. Belongs from Phenylamides (Acylalanine) group
31. Metiram 70% WG Pack Up (KR), Tagventure (Tropical), ~ Belongs from Dithiocarbamate group.
32. Myclobutanil 10% WP Fit (KR), Systhane (Dow), Boon (Indofil), Mybil (Sumil), Index (Nagarjuna), Cygnet (BioStadt) ~ 15-20 gm/pump Triazole group Fungicide
33. Pencycuron 22.9% SC Monceren (Bayer) ~  Sheath blight of rice

~  Tuber treatment of potato for control of black scurf.

1 lit./60 bag tuber treatment Non-systemic, Contact fungicide. Phenylureas group Fungicide
34. Propiconazole 25% EC Tilt (Syngenta), Win (KR), Tide (MIL), Propi (Devidayal), Picona 250 (Sumil), Dhan (Indofil), Zerox (Dhanuka), Sona (IIL), Tagzol (Tropical), Super Propi (SuperCSL), Built (Crystal), Propicon (Coromandel), Propik (Sulphur Mills), Result (Nagarjuna), Albu (Atul), Cosmos (Canary), Phylum (Willowood), Final (GSP), Joel (Amber) ~ 80-100  ml/acre & 8-10 ml/pump Systemic  foliar  fungicide  with  protective  and curative action, with translocation acropetally in the xylem. Triazoles group.
35. Propineb 70% WP Antracol(Bayer),Scale(KR), Devitrac (Devidayal) , Aaroosh ( Coromandel) , Enviro (Amber) ~  Scab of Apple, Early & Late Blight of potato, Dieback of chili, Buck eye rot of tomato, Downy mildew of grapes, Leaf & fruit spots of pomegranate, Brown leaf spot and Narrow leaf leaf spot of rice. 400 gm/acre

40 gm/pmup

Multi-site contact activiry. Belongs from Dithiocarbamate group.
36. Pyraclostrobin 20% WG Headline WG(BASF) ~ Methoxy Carbamates group Fungicide
37. Sulphur 40% SC Share (Indofil), Grofit (Crystal), Kudrat Plus (Amber) ~ Contact action. Inorganic group
38. Sulphur 55.16% SC Magic (Devidayal), Flosul 800 (Sumil), Nansulf (PCCPL) ~  To control of Powdery mildew, Red mite and Sulphur deficiency 800-2000 ml Contact action. Inorganic group
39. Sulphur 80% WDG Cosavet DF (Sulphur Mills), Cosamil DF (Sumil), Prahar  (Kilpest), Nanthion DF (PCCPL), Su-Sulphur (SuperCSL), Villo (Atul), Innovet & Wokovit (BioStadt), Sulphur (Canary), Wilsulf (Willowood), Kudrat (Amber), Solar DF (CCIL), Acmesulf WDG (ACME) ~  Used to control powdery mildew of apple, grapes, cow pea, moong, urid, pea, chillies, okra, mango and citrus; tikka leaf spot of ground nut and rust of pea crop.

~  Diseases of Apple Scab, Rust, Brown Rot, Mites, Leaf Spot & Insects like Flea hoppers.

Non-systemic  & contact action. Acts as a fungicide, acaricide give nutrition to plant Inorganic group.
40. Sulphur 80% WP Thionutri (Syngenta), Wattasul (Sulphur Mills), Starsulf (Swal), Milvet (MIL), Sulfex (Excel), Sulfavit (Devidayal), Cropex (Vimax), Sulfil (Indofil), Sulfin  Plus  (IIL),  Tagsul  (Tropical),  Sulfon  (Advance),   Insulf  (UPL), Devisulphur (Devidayal), Sultaf (TATA), Prahar (Kilpest), Kingsulf (KCS), Acmesulf WP (ACME) ~  Used to control powdery mildew of apple, grapes, cow pea, moong, urid, pea, chillies, okra, mango and citrus tikka leaf spot of ground nut and rust of pea crop.

~  Diseases of Apple Scab, Rust, Brown Rot, Mites, Leaf Spot & Insects like Flea hoppers.

Non-systemic  & contact action. Acts as a fungicide, acaricide give nutrition to plant Inorganic group.
41. Sulphur 85% DP Five Star (PCCPL), Gold (Devidayal), Five Diamonds (Sumil), Super Five Star (SuperCSL), Five Roses (Sulphur Mills) ~ speed  up  the  chlorophyll  and  amino  acid formation, improves the soil pH
42. Sulphur 90% WDG Cosavet  Fertis  (Sulphur  Mills),  Cosamil  Gold  (Sumil),  Feddit-WG (CCIL) ~ Inorganic group
43. Tebuconazole 2% DS Raxil (Bayer), Dixxy (Amber) ~  Loose smut and flag smut of wheat, collar rot, root rot and stem rot of groundnut Trizole group Fungicide, systemic. Seed dressing fungicide which controls seed borne diseases in wheat and ground nut.
44. Tebuconazole 5.36% FS Raxil Easy (Bayer) ~  Used as seed treatment for the control of loose smut disease of wheat Triazole group Fungicide, systemic
45. Tebuconazole 25.9% EC Folicur (Bayer), Kure (KR), Triblast (Excel), Devikure (Devidayal), Dixcure (Amber) ~  Blast and sheath blast of rice, powdery mildew and fruit rot of chili, tikka and rust of g’nut, purple blotch of onion, anthracnose (pod blight) of soybean Systemic, protective, curative  &  eradicant  action. Rapidly absorbed into the vegetative parts of the plant, with translocation principally acropetally. Triazole group Fungicide.
46. Tetraconazole 3.8% EW Domark (Isagro Asia) ~ Triazole group Fungicide
47. Thifluzamide 24% SC Pulsor (IIL) ~
48. Thiophanate Methyl 70% WP Thiovit (Syngenta), Roko & Intop (BioStadt), Key (KR), Miltop (MIL), Devilock (Devidayal), Fungo (Safex), Brando 747 – 75% WP (Sumil), Prism (IIL), Tagsin-M (Tropical), Hexastop (Coromandel), Control (Sulphur Mills), Tamboora (Canary), Theme (Willowood), Acmetop (ACME) ~ 20-30 gm/pump Systemic, protective & curative action. Absorbed by the leaves and roots. Thiophanates group
49. Thiram 75% DS Devithiram (Devidayal), Tagthiram (Tropical), Super Thiram (SuperCSL) ~  Seed treatment 3 gm/kg Preventive activity and a broad spectrum of action. Dithiocarbamate group.
50. Triadimefon 25% WP Krileton (KR), Tagton (Tropical), Triguard (Advance) ~ Triazoles group
51. Tricyclazole 75% WP Gain (Syngenta), Beam (Dow), Tric (KR), Tristar (Swal), Profit (MIL), Logik (PI Ind.), Samar (UPL), Mantis (TATA), Triole 737 (Sumil), Baan & Baan Gold 75WG (Indofil), Dhan Team (Dhanuka), Force 11 (IIL), Blast (Kilpest), Tagteem (Tropical), Blast Off (Cheminova), Suzole (SuperCSL), Trizole (Crystal), Agni (Coromandel), Hilblast (HIL), Blaster (Sulphur Mills), Yodha (PCCPL),  Sivic  (Nagarjuna),  Oryzae  (Atul),  Blastin  (BioStadt),  Lallari (Canary), Wiltry (Willowood), Stanza (GSP), Lakshay (Amber), Acmetric (ACME) ~  Rice Blast Disease. Inhibition of melanin biosynthesis

~  Effectively controls paddy both leaf blast & neck blast disease in all stages.

120-160 gm/acre, 12-16 gm/pump Systemic fungicide. It belongs to SBI-other Azole groups. Triazoles group
52. Validamycin 3% SL Valida  (Sumitomo),  V3  (KR),  Verito  (Sumil),  Sheathmar  (Dhanuka), Tagmar 20-20 (Tropical), Pollen (Atul), Falak (Amber), Valine (CCIL) ~  Anti-biotic and anti-fungal 35-40 ml/pump Anti-biotic and anti-fungal, Systemic bactericide and fungicide
53. Zineb 75% WP Indofil Z-78 (Indofil) ~ 400 gm/acre

40 gm/pump

Dithiocarbamate group
54. Ziram 27% SC Cuman L (Syngenta), Crop Ziram 27% EC (NACL), Star 27 (CCIL), Zoom Acme (ACME) ~ 400 ml/acre

40 ml/pump

Dithiocarbamate group
55. Ziram 80% WP Crop Ziram 80% WP (NACL) ~ Dithiocarbamate group
Mixture Fungicides/Bactericides….
56. 2-Bromo 2-Nitro Propane-1, 3-Diol Bactrinashak  (Indofil),  Serobact  (Swal),  Bactrimil  (IIL),  Bionol  100 (Tropical), Bactrinash (K.S.Agrochemicals), X-tra (Sulphur Mills), Bactinol (Bharat) ~  Anti-bacterial or anti-biotic, Immunomodulator  



57. Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole 18.30% SC Custodia (Adama) ~  Suspensible concentrate fungicide for effective control

of fruit rot, die-back and powdery mildew in chili crop

Suspensible  concentrate fungicide. Mixture  of Methoxy acrylate and Triazole group
58. Azoxystrobin 18.2% + Difenconazole 11.4% SC Amistar Top (Syngenta) ~  Sheath blight, dirty panicle, O]UhgI 56” 0F3 in rice

~  NCL wilt, downy mildew and rust in maize

~  Yello rust, powdery mildew in wheat

200 ml/acre Systemic fungicide. Mixture of Methoxy acrylate and Triazole group fungicide
59. Captan 70% + Hexaconazole 5% WP Taqat (TATA), Kick (KR), Super Suraksha (SuperCSL), Arjan (Amber), Power (CCIL) ~  Controls most of the diseases in most of the crops like fruits, vegetables & cotton crops 25 gm/pump Contact  and  systemic  Fungicide.  Mixture  of Heterocyclic nitrogen

( Phthalimide) and Triazoles group fungicide.

60. Carbendazim 12% + Mancozeb 63% WP Saaf (UPL), Sixer (Dhanuka), CM-75 (KR), Turf (Swal), Team (MIL), Maczim  (Devidayal),  KingSaft  (KCS),  Maxclean  (Vimax),  Companion (Indofil), Care (IIL), Pearl (Kilpest), Revive 750 (Tropical), Super Safe (SuperCSL), Sure (Crystal), Kapeni (Coromandel), Fasto (Advance), Top Too (HCL), Saan (GKR), Dasma (PCCPL), Combi Pus (Nagarjuna), Riper (Atul), Bendaco (BioStadt), Carman (Canary), Carmel (Willowood), Amrit (Amber), Performer (ACME) ~ 300-400 ml/acre & 40-50 gm/pump Broad spectrum, contact & systemic action with protective and curative action.Mixture of Benzimidazole and Dithiocarbamate group fungicide.
61. Carboxin 17.5% + Thiram 17.5% WP Vitavax Ultra FF (Dhanuka) ~ Mixture of Oxathin Carboxamides and Dithiocarbamate group fungicide
62. Carboxin 37.5% + Thiram 37.5% WP Vitavax Power (Dhanuka) ~  To control of seed & soil borne diseases, It protects the seed & emerging seedlings from seed & early seed borne diseases such as bunt, loose smut, covered smut, collar & charcoal rot, seedling diseases & blight in most crops. 2 to 3 gm/kg  for seed treatment Systemic & contact action. Mixture of Oxathin Carboxamides and Dithiocarbamate group fungicide
63. Cymoxanil 8% + Mancozeb 64% WP Curzate (DuPont), Maximate (Indofil), Quarate Gold (Dhanuka), Crizol (Tropical), Partner (Crystal), Layby (Willowood) ~  It is a Specialist Downy Mildew fungicide for Grape.

It is used in three stages i.e. Ponga stage, 7-10 Leaf stage & Berry setting stage

30 ml/pump

300 ml/acre

Mixture of Acetamides and Dithiocarbamate group
64. Dimethomorph 0.00% + Ametoctradin 0.00% SC Blend SC (TATA) ~  Specially for downy mildew of grape 2 ml / lit. Mixture of Cinnamic acid derivative and group fungicide
65. Fosetyl AL 66.67% + Fluopicolide 4.44% WG Profiler (Bayer) ~  Downy mildew of grapes
66. Mancozeb 12% + Carbendazim 63% WP Incom (BioStadt) ~ Mixture of Dithiocarbamate and Benzimidazole group fungicide
67. Mancozeb 50% + Fenamidone 10% WG Sectin (Bayer) ~  Late blight of potato, powdery mildew of grape, downy mildew of cucumber Contact and systematic action.Protective and curative fungicide.
68. Mancozeb 62% + Tricyclazole 18% WP Merger (Indofil) ~ 40-50 gm/pump Mixture of Phenylamides and Triazoles group fungicide
69. Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64% WP Krilaxyl  72  (KR),  Radostar  (Swal),  Milmet  (MIL),  Unilax  (UPL),  Duet  (Devidayal), Master (TATA), Matco 8-64 (Indofil), Manax 720 (Sumil), Crop Metaman (NACL), Himil (IIL), Ajomil (Kilpest), Tagmil (Tropical), Su-Meet-864  (SuperCSL),  Mixol-72  (Crystal),  Bullet  (Advance),  Gem  (HCL), Metalman (Sulphur Mills), Duet (PCCPL), Sanchar (BioStadt), Metazeb (Willowood), Metal Plus (GSP), Ridox (CCIL), Acmil (ACME) ~  Effective against downy mildew of grapes and other Crops. It is also used to control late blight of potato and tomato,  blotch  of  onion,  damping  off  in  tobacco, cardamom etc. 300-500 gm/acre and 35-40 gm/pump Contact & systemic, curative & protective action. Mixture  of  Phenylamides  (Acylalanine)  and Dithiocarbamate group fungicide.
70. Metalaxyl-M (Mefenoxam) 4% + Mancozeb 64% WP Ridomil Gold (Syngenta) ~  Effective against downy mildew of grapes and other Crops. It is also used to control late blight of potato and tomato,  blotch  of  onion,  damping  off  in  tobacco, cardamom etc. 300-400 gm/acre and 30-40 gm/pump Contact & systemic, curative & protective action. Mixture  of Phenylamides

( Acylalanine ) and Dithiocarbonate group fungicide.

71. Metalaxyl-M 3.3% + Chlorothalonil 33.1% SC Folio Gold (Syngenta) ~  Used primarily against diseases caused by oomycete fungi, such as downy mildews and late blights 400 ml/acre

40 ml/pump

Combination of Systemic and contact fungicide, curative and protective action.Mixture of Phenylamides and Chloronitriles group fungicide.
72. Metiram 55% + Pyraclostrobin 5% WG Cabrio Top 44+5 (BASF), Flick (KR), Piccor 60 WG (Dow), Clutch 55+5 WP  (PI  Ind.),  Mantaram  55+5  WP  (Tropical),  Colastro  55+5  WP (Coromandel), Balram Plus (Bharat) ~ 35-40 gm/pump Mixture of Dithiocarbamate and Methoxy Carbamates group fungicide
73. Propiconazole 13.9% + Difenconazole 13.9% EC Taspa (Syngenta), Vespa (GSP) ~  Sheath blight and leaf spot in rice 200 ml/acre Contact and systemic fungicide. Mixture of two  Triazole groups fungicide
74. Propineb 61.25 + Iprovalicarb 5.5% WP Melody Duo (Bayer) ~  Late blight of potato and downy mildew of grape

~  Provides excellent control of broad range of fungal species from Oomycetes class (e.g. plasmospora viticola, phytophthora spp., psedoperonospora  spp.,  pernospora  spp.)  with  high  plant compatibility.

Mixture of Dithiocarbamate and group fungicide
75. Pyraclostrobin 13.3% + Epoxyconazole 5% SE Opera (BASF) ~  Very effective fungicide for the control of Tikka disease in groundnut Mixture of Methoxy Carbamates and Triazoles group fungicide
76. Streptomycin Sulphate 9% + Tetracycline Hydrochloride1% SP (Streptocycline 9:1 SP) Krosin  AG  (KR),  Devicyclin  (Devidayal),  Streptomil  (IIL),  Kiltomycin(Kilpest), Tagmycin (Tropical), Crystocycline (Crystal) ~  Recommended  for  the  effective  control  of  bacterial diseases of plants 30 gm/acre &

2 ml/pump

Anti-bacterial or Antibiotic
77. Tebuconazole 50% + Trifloxystrobin 25% WG Nativo (Bayer) ~  Foliar spray for the control of sheath blight, leaf blast and neck blast and glumes discoloration (dirty panicle) disease on rice, early blight, powdery mildew and anthracnose of tomato, yellow rust, powdery mildew of wheat. Mixture of Triazoles and Oximino acetates group fungicide
78. Thiophanate Methyl 45%+ Pyraclostrobin 5% FS Xelora (BASF) ~  Very effective fungicide used as seed treatment for the control of post emergent damping off (Rhizoctonia Spp.) disease in okra. Mixture of Thiophanate and Strobilurin group fungicide
79. Zineb 68% + Hexaconazole 4% WP Avtar (Indofil), Supermite (BioStadt) ~  Sheath blight, Brown spot, Blast in rice 100-1250 gm/ha Mixture Triazoles group fungicide
1. Flubendiamide 3.5% + Hexaconazole 5% WDG Origin (TATA) ~  It is one sure shot solution to both leaf folder and sheath blight in Paddy. and has phytotonic effect, resulting in higher yields Novel combination of first ever Insecticide + Fungicide combination launched in India. It offers an assured control with the two most proven molecules.It is a both systematic and contact molecule.
1. 2,4-D Amine Salt 58% WSC & SL Kay-m (KR), Safaya 720 (Devidayal), Aura 58 SL (MIL), Weedcel Super (Excel),  Twister  (IIL),  Eraser  (Kilpest),  Weedmar  Super  (Dhanuka), Weedor (Crystal), Zura (Atul), Capture (Canary), Willomine (Willowood) ~  Annual Mustard, Thistle, Dandelion, Control Aquatic Weed in Lakes & Ponds, Ragweed, Lambsquarters

~  Apart from effectively control broad  leaf weeds. These also control the Cyperus sp.

~  There is no adverse effect on crops with recommended dose.

~  Cyperus,  Tribulus  (Gokhru),  Trianthema  celosia,  Euphorbia (Badi Doodhi), Phyllanthus in sorghum

150-200 ml/pump Selective and Systemic herbicide of Phenoxyacetic group. Salts are readily absorbed by the roots, whilst esters are readily absorbed by foliage. Acts as a growth inhibitor.
2. 2,4-D Ethyl Easter 38% EC Hit-44  (IIL),  Kilweed  38  E  (Kilpest),  Weedmar  (Dhanuka),  Kilharb  38 (Tropical), Weed Killer (SuperCSL), Cut-Out (Crystal), Rugo (Atul), Fighter 38 (CCIL), Kissan 38 (AOL) ~
3. 2,4-D Ethyl Easter 20% WP Electron 200 (Devidayal), Zura 22.5 SL (Atul) ~ Selective , systemic, hormone-type herbicide, absorbed by the foliage with translocation.
4. 2,4-D Sodium Salt 80% WP Fermoxone  (Syngenta),  Kay-D  (KR),  Weedstar  (Swal),  Safaya  80 (Devidayal), Dcel (Excel), Superhit (IIL), Kilharb (Tropical), Salix (Atul), Fighter 80 (CCIL), Kissan 80 (AOL) ~  Annual  Mustard,  Thistle,  Dandelion,  Control  Aquatic Weed in Lakes & Ponds, Ragweed, Lambs quarters 100 gm/pump Action like indole acetic acid (synthetic auxins)
5. Anilophos 30% EC Army (IIL) ~
6. Atrazine 50% WP Milzine 50 (MIL), Atrataf (TATA), Rasayanzine (KR), Attrastar (Swal), Attack (Devidayal), Solaro (PI Ind.), Atracel (Excel), Attack (Devidayal), Sumat  (Sumil),  Zinguard  (Gharda),  Traxx (Shivalik),  Atrafil  (Indofil), Dhanuzine (Dhanuka), Strike (IIL), Chapet (Kilpest), Tagtaf (Tropical), Srizon  (Crystal),  Atrafine  (Advance),  Atrasul  (Sulphur  Mills),  Citra (PCCPL), Dhwansh (BioStadt), Polar (Canary), Atro (Amber), Atragold (CCIL), Umbra 50 (AOL) ~  Used for the control of annual grasses and broad leaved Weeds in Maize, Sugarcane, Sorghum, Coffee, Grape Vine, Oil Palm, Banana, Pineapple and Guava. It is used in non-crop areas as a total weed killer against annual perennial weeds. 100-150 gm/pump It is a Translocated Pre-emergence Herbicide. Selective triazine  herbicide.  It  belongs  to  the Triazine class.
7. Azimsulfuron 50% DF Segment (DuPont) ~
8. Bispribac Sodium 10% SC Macho (Syngenta), Adora (Bayer), Nominee Gold (PI Ind.) ~  For control of weeds in Rice crop viz., Echinocloa crugali, E  colonium,Ischaemum rugosum,Cyperus difformis, C. iria,Fimbristylis milliacea, Eclipta aba ,Ludwigia parviflora, Monochoria, Vagilanis, Alternthra, Philoxeroides, Sphinoclea zeylanica. New generation broad spectrum post emergent herbicide, selective and systemic. It gets foliage and roots
9. Butachlor 50% EC/EW Rasayanchlor (KR), Milchlor 50EC, Milfast 50EW (IIL), Baaz 50E (Kilpest), Thunder  (Tropical),  Supchlor  (SuperCSL),  Bumper  (Crystal),  Hiltaklor (HIL),  Kikout  (Sulphur  Mills),  Irio (Atul),  Hal  Mix  (Amber),  Chemchlor (CCIL), Demand 50 (AOL) ~
10. Butachlor 5% GR Milchlor 5G (IIL), Baaz 5G (Kilpest), Thunder 5G (Tropical) ~
11. Carfentrazone Ethyl 40% DF Nabood (Dhanuka) ~
12. Chlorimuron Ethyl 25% WG Kloben (DuPont), Qurin (Dhanuka), Trick 25 WP (IIL), Cyno (Atul) ~
13. Clodinafop Propargyl 15% WP (Piroxofop-propanyl) Topik (Syngenta), Lucifer (Bayer), Chopper (DuPont), Topik (KR), Topple (Swal),  Milwin  (MIL),  Vidhvansh  (Excel),  Jhatka  (UPL),  Deviclod (Devidayal), Viola 150 (Sumil), Dynofop (Dhanuka), Omega (IIL), Dion (Tropical),  Rakshak  Plus  (Cheminova),  Avtaar   (Crystal),  Skipper (Coromandel), Hilpik (HIL), Razor (Advance), Action (Sulphur Mills), Ohm (PCCPL),  Point  (Nagarjuna),  Vitis  (Atul),  Maachis  (BioStadt),  Wilfop (Willowood), Compact (Amber), Fargo (AOL) ~  Recommended for its use to control Phalaris minor and most of the important grass weeds in wheat. It is applied when  majority  of  Phalaris  is  emerged  and actively growing. 160gm/acre Selective, Post-emergence. It works effectively even when the climate is foggy or cloudy. It  also doesn’t get washed away if it rains.
14. Cyhalofop Butyl 10% EC Clincher (Dow) ~
15. Diuron 80% WP Daron (Tropical) ~
16. Ethoxysulfuron 15% WDG Sunrice (Bayer) ~  Very effective for the control of sedges and broadleaf weeds in transplanted Rice Post-emergent broad spectrum herbicide
17. Fenoxaprop-P- Ethyl 6.7% EC Ricestar (Bayer) ~  Recommended for the control of grassy weeds,especially Echnochloa Spp. In direct seeded and transplanted Rice. Selective, Post-emergence herbicide
18. Fenoxaprop-P- Ethyl 9.3% EC Whipsuper (Bayer), Naaka Super (KR), Devislash (Devidayal), Wego Super (IIL), Melina (Atul), Finoxa (Amber) ~  It having action against Echnochloa spp. & other grassy weeds in Soybean ,Rice Cotton,Black Gram &Onion. Selective, post-emergent broad spectrum herbicide with contact and systemic action. Absorbed principally by the leaves,   with   translocation   both   acropetally   and basipetally to the roots or rhizomes.
19. Fluazifop-P-Butyl 13.4% EC Fusilade Max (Syngenta) ~  Total grassesin ground and tomato
20. Glufosinate Ammonium 15% SL Basta (Bayer) ~  Recommended for the control of perennial weeds in plantations like tea. Non-selective, post-emergent herbicide. It is very versatile and effective under different climatic conditions
21. Glyphosate 20% SL Ammonium Salt Gambay (Excel) ~  Annual/Perennial Weeds,Post-Harvest in Fallow Periods & Non-Crop Land,Broad Leaf
22. Glyphosate 41% SL Iso-propyl-amine (IPA) Salt Round Up (Monsanto), Allkill (KR), Dryphosphate (Swal), Weedall (Dow), Glycel (Excel), Milsate (MIL), Sweep (UPL), PI Glypho (PI Ind.), Gladiator 41 (Devidayal), Glycare (Vimax), Glytaf (TATA), Khattam SL (Sumil), Clean Up  (Indofil),  Noweed  (Dhanuka),  Crop  Glypho  (NACL),  Hijack (IIL), Glyphokil  (Kilpest),  Safal  (Tropical),  Glyfos  (Cheminova),  Superkill (SuperCSL) Clinton (Crystal), Glycor  (Coromandel), Trinnashi (HIL), Glymax  (Advance), Glyyesell (Yesell), Vinash  (Sulphur  Mills), Veto (PCCPL),  Coneo  (Atul),  Brake  (BioStadt),  Teetar  (Canary),  Willosate (Willowood), Darban (Amber), Lagaam (AOL) ~  Annual/Perennial Weeds,Post-Harvest in Fallow Periods & Non-Crop Land,Broad Leaf

~  very  effective   against  deep  rooted   and woody perennials, annual and biennial grasses, sedges and broad leaved weeds

800-1200 ml/acre

80-100 ml/pump

Non-Selective, Post-emergence. Glyphosate inhibits the EPSP synthesis enzyme, which leads to  depletion  of  key  amino  acids  that  are necessary for protein synthesis and plant growth.
23. Glyphosate 5% SL Ammonium Salt Take 5 (Excel) ~  Annual/Perennial Weeds,Post-Harvest in Fallow Periods & Non-Crop Land,Broad Leaf
24. Glyphosate 71% SG Ammonium Salt Allkill 71 (KR), Star 71 (Swal), Mera 71 (Excel), Gladiator 71  (Devidayal), Milsate 71 (MIL), GlyGran (Sumil), Flite 71 (IIL), Dera (Dhanuka), Safal 71 (Tropical), Dakar (Cheminova), Superkill (SuperCSL), Topper-77 (Crystal), Killshot (Coromandel), Vinash Power (Sulphur Mills), Veto Plus (PCCPL), Coneo 71 (Atul), Brake-G (BioStadt), Willosate 71 (Willowood), Aandhi-71 (Bharat) ~  Annual/Perennial Weeds,Post-Harvest in Fallow Periods & Non-Crop Land,Broad Leaf 1000-1200 gm /acre

100 gm/pump

To inhibit an enzyme involved in the synthesis of the amino acids tyrosine,tryptophan and  phenylalanine. It is absorbed through foliage and translocated to growing points.
25. Imazethapyr 10% SL Solitude (Bayer), Perfect (KR), Spur (Swal), Inro (PI Ind.), Sugam (Excel), Devisuit (Devidayal), Sumiza (Sumil), Selecdor (IIL), Tagpyr (Tropical), Dinamaz (Cheminova), Guard (Crystal), Fervent (Coromandel), Imasul (Sulphur Mills), Patriot (Willowood), Square Cut (Amber) ~  For the control of broadleaved weeds and grasses in soybean and groundnut 250 gm/acre



Systemic broad spectrum herbicide, absorbed by the roots and foliage, with translocation in the  xylem  and phloem, and accumulation in the meristematic regions.
26. Isoproturon 75% WP Isoguard  (Gharda),  Milron  (IIL),  Comando  75WP  (Kilpest),  Wonder (Tropical), Hilproturon 50 & 75 WP (HIL), Achieve (CCIL), Avalanche 75 (AOL) ~  For the control of weeds in wheat and isabgul
27. Metribuzine 70% WP Tata Metri (TATA), Sencor (Bayer), Krizin (KR), Metrimil 70 (MIL), Metrex (Excel), Encore (Devidayal), Sumetri (Sumil), Barrier (Dhanuka), Anchor (IIL), Dezire (Tropical), Sricor (Crystal), Grometri (Coromandel), Metrite (Sulphur Mills), I-Max (Nagarjuna), Afford (Canary), Willord (Willowood), Verdict (GSP), Oyster (Amber), Raptor 70 (AOL) ~  It is used as herbicide recommended for use in Wheat, Soybean, Potato, Tomato & Sugarcane for control of both Grasses & Broadleaves Selective & Systemic pre- and post-emergence broad spectrum herbicide , absorbed predominantly by the root but also by th leaves, with translocation acropetally in the xylem
28. Metsulfuron Methyl 20% WG / WP Algrip WG (DuPont), Metstar (Swal), MM-20 (MIL), Metsy (UPL), Hook 20 WG (Dhanuka), Weed Grip (IIL), Kill Grip (Kilpest), Tagrip (Tropical), Metcil M (Cheminova), Sulgrip (SuperCSL), Algo (Crystal), Mitsu (Advance), Siege (PCCPL), Convo (Atul), SMS (Willowood), Bilgrip (Bharat), Fuse (AOL) ~  Broad Leaf Weeds in wheat

~  Cotrolled  weeds:-  Chenopodium  album  (Lumbs  quarters), Meliotus  indica,  Meliotus , alba lathyrus aphaca, Anagallis Arvensis (Pinpernal), Vicia sativa, Rumex dentatus, Medicago denticulate

~  Spray after 76 days

8gm /acre Selective, Systemic and Post-emergence
29. Oxadiargyl 6% EC Raft (Bayer) ~  Very effective for the control of grasses, sedges and some broad leaf weeds in transplanted Rice, Cumin and Mustard. Selective, post-emergent herbicide
30. Oxadiargyl 80% WP Topstar (Bayer) ~  Very effective for control of grasses and sedges and some broadleaf weeds in Rice. Broad spectrum herbicide
31. Oxyfluorfen 23.5% EC Vinash (Advance), Goal (Dow), Oxygold (Indofil), Honcho (TATA), Kroll (KR),  Oyster  (Devidayal),  Zargon  (Dhanuka),  Orbit  (IIL),  Tag  Globe Tropical), Ronaldo (Crystal), Waada (hpm), Ingold (BioStadt), Oxyguard  (Willowood) ~  Used to control of more than 60 toughest annual broadleaf and grassy weeds in vegetables, fruit, cotton, ornamentals, nut, vine, and field crops

Paddy:  Echnicloa  Spp. Cyperus  Spp.  Eclipta alba;  Tea Digitaria marginata, Imperata cylindrical; Onion: Chenopodium album,  Cyperus  iria and Groundnut:  Echinocloa  album Digitaria Spp..

20 ml/pump for other crops & 5 ml/pump for Cumin, Ajwain Selective, Braod specturum pre- and Post- emergent herbicide. It targets a specific enzyme Protoporphyrinogen oxidaze in the chlorophyll biosynthetic pathway which leads to cell membrane integrity and plant death.
32. Paraquat Dichloride 24% SL Gramoxone (Syngenta), Kapiq (KR), Swat (Swal), Mil-P (Meghmani), Parachute (Devidayal), Swat (Swall), Uniquat (UPL), Para Guard (Gharda), Firestorm (Chemtura), Crezil (Vimax), Paralac (TATA), Ozone (Dhanuka), Milquat (IIL), Tagquit (Tropical), Super Pera (SuperCSL), Allquit (Crystal), Weedax (Coromandel), Spyker (Advance), Gramexell (Yesell), Parasac (Shivalik), Kitkat (Oshnic), Rhino (Nagarjuna), Parq (BioStadt), Kataar (Canary), Wilquat (Willowood), Tejas (Amber), Gramex (CCIL) ~  Annual  and  Perennial Weeds crops: Tea, Coffee,Rubber,orchard of fruit crop

~  As a Pre-emergence herbicide in Cumin

750-1000 ml/acre &  75 ml/pump Non-selective   post   emergence,   contact herbicide. It inhibits photosynthesis. It contains ‘Paraquat Dichloride’.Requires  sunlight  which  activated the chemical, resulting in desiccation of green plant parts.
33. Pendimethaline 30% EC Stomp (BASF), Tata Panida (TATA), Dhanutop (Dhanuka), Kri-Stop (KR), Swalpendi (Swal), Pendilin (MIL), Excel Plus (Excel), Bunker (PI Ind.), Depend (Devidayal), Spenta (Sumil), PendiClean (Vimax), Pendamil  (IIL), Stump (Kilpest), Tagpendi (Tropical), Pendiherb (Cheminova), Super Penda (SuperCSL), Penadrill (Crystal), Eezykill (Coromandel), Pantac (Advance), Pendosh (Oshnic), Pendistar (HCL), Pendisul (Sulphur Mills), Klean Up (PCCPL), Xyris (Atul), Penda (IPL), Taipan (Canary), Octavia (Willowood), Pendi-fix (GSP), Rapid-X (Amber) ~  Effectively control wide variety of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in variety of crops. Weeds on Farms, Turfs, Industrial Sites, Ground Maintenance

~  For the control of Weeds in soybean, wheat, groundnut, cotton, mustard and a range of crops. It can destroy 51 types of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds.

800-1000 ml/acre Selective  pre-emergence  herbicide.  Acts  by inhibiting  cell  division and  cell elongation  and effected weeds die shortly after germination.
34. Pendimethaline 38.7% CS Stomp  Xtra  (BASF),  Pendi  Rich  (GSP),  Panida  Grande  (TATA), Gardenclean (Dow) ~  Effectively control wide variety of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in variety of crops. Weeds on Farms, Turfs, Industrial Sites, Ground Maintenance 700 m/acre Selective pre –emergence herbicide.Acts by inhibiting cell division and cell elongation and effected weeds die shortly after germination.
35. Penoxsulam 240 SC Granite (Dow) ~
36. Pinoxaden 5% EC Axial 5.1 (Syngenta), Melsa (PI Ind.) ~  It controls phalaris which is a key weed of wheat crop 350 ml/acre

35 ml/pump

Post emergence selective herbicide
37. Pretilachlor 50% EC Rifit (Syngenta), Prince (KR), Pitla (Swal), Merit (Excel), Profit 100% (Devidayal), Etila (Vimax), Preet (TATA), Fabio (Sumil), Offset (Indofil), Craze (Dhanuka), Racer (IIL), Taghit (Tropical), Prettyherb (Cheminova), Super Cut (SuperCSL), Shift (Crystal), Pilot (Coromandel), Hilpreti (HIL), Boxster (Advance), Sureshot (Sulphur Mills), Klean Out (PCCPL), Eraze (Nagarjuna),  Vinia  (Atul),  Rimove  (BioStadt),  Pretla  (Canary),  Wilfit  (Willowood), Ujla (Amber), Pretila (CCIL), Wrap 50 (AOL) ~  Recommended for control of grasses, sedges & broad leaved weeds like Echinochloa spp., Cyperus iria,Cyperus difformis , Fimbristyis milliaceae , Ludwigia parviflora , Pannicum repens etc . planted Rice. 500 ml/acre Inhibition  of  cell  elongation,  nucleic  acid  and protein synthesis.
38. Pretilachlor 37% EW Rifit Plus (Syngenta), Ujla Super (Amber) ~  Grasses,  sedges  and  some  broad  leaf  weeds  in  Rice 600 ml/acre
39. Propaquizafop 10% EC Society (Indofil) ~
40. Pyrazosulfuron Ethyl 10% WP Saathi (UPL) ~  Grassy and Broad Leaf Weeds in Paddy 80 gm/acre Selective, Pre-emergence
41. Pyrithiobac Sodium 10% EC Rife (Cheminova), Nanchaku (BioStadt) ~
42. Pyroxofop Propinyl 15% WP Sartaj (TATA) ~
43. Quizalofop-P-tefuryl 4.41% EC Pantera (DuPont) ~
44. Quizalofop Ethyl 5% EC Targa Super (Dhanuka), Hakama (IIL), King Super (Swastik) ~  All narrow leaf weeds Echinochloa (Sawak), Eleusine (Goose grass), , Wild sorghum, Cynodon (doob grass) , Saccharus (kans) ,Johnson grass ,Large crab grass , Volunteer paddy, Jowar ,Pearmillet , Maize, etc in Soybean,Cotton, Groundnut, Greengram ,Black gram, Sesamum, Jute and all other broad leaf crops and vegetables 300-400 ml/acre

30-40 ml / pump

Selective,  Post-emergence.  It  is  very  quickly absorbed by the weeds and translocated and kill the weeds. The affected weeds are unable to regenerate.
45. Sulfosulfuron 75% WG Unik (Swal), Lalkar (Excel), SF -10 (UPL), Fateh (TATA), Furo 123 (Sumil), Sultop  (Dhanuka),  Kaiser  /  Guru  (IIL),  Tagstar  (Tropical),  Sumet (Cheminova), Super Sulfo  (SuperCSL), Arrow (Sulphur Mills), Blanket (PCCPL), Loxo (Atul), Avast 10 (AOL) ~  Used for the effective control of Phalaris Minor in Wheat crop .It also controls broad-leaved weeds like Chenopodium album, Melilotus alba 13.5 gm/acre It is a selective early post-emergence Herbicide. It has dual action. It kills the plant by both entering the roots and leaf and thereby killing the weeds after discoloration.
46. Tembotrione 42% SC Laudis (Bayer) ~  Recommended for use along with surfactant for control of broad leaf and grassy weeds in corn Broad spectrum, pre-emergent herbicide
Mixture Herbicides
47. Clodinafop Propargyl 15% WP + Metsulfuron Methyl 0.00% Sandesh (Swal) ~
48. Fomesafen 11.1% + Fluazifop-p-butyl 11.1% SL Fusiflex (Syngenta) ~  For control of broad and narrow both type of weeds in groundnut and soybean. 400 ml/acre

40 ml/pump

49. Imazethapyr 35% + Imazamox 35% WG Oddissey (BASF), Adue (Bayer), Bingo (PI Ind.), Jodi (BioStadt), Pyramox (Coromandel) ~  Control of grasses and broadleaves weeds in soybean and groundnut Selective and post-emergent herbicide
50. Metsulfuron Methyl 10% + Chlorimuron Ethyl 10% WP Almix (DuPont), Pimix (PI Ind.), Cormix (Coromandel), Rymix (Atul) ~  Broad Leaf Weeds in wheat 8 gm / acre
51. Metsulfuron Methyl 3% + Iodosulfuron Methyl Sodium 0.6% WDG Atlantis (Bayer) ~  Very  effective  for control of grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds in Wheat Broad spectrum herbicide, novel safened sulfonyl urea based product for post-emergent application
52. Pretilachlor 6% + Bensulfuron Methyl 0.6% GR Londax Power (DuPont), Eraze Strong (Nagarjuna) ~
53. Sulfosulfuron 75% + Metsulfuran Methyl 5% WG Satasat (Swal), Total (UPL) ~  Broad  Leaf  Weeds(including Rumes sp.) Grassy Weeds (Phalaris minor) 16 gm/acre Selective, Post-emergence
54. Thiobencarb 40% + Propanil 20% EC Satunil 600 EC (BioStadt) ~
55. Thiobencarb 60% + 2,4-D IBE 20% EC Grassedge 800 EC (BioStadt) ~
PGR, PGP, Micro-Fertilizer, Bio-Fertilizer etc.
1. Alpha Naphthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL Planofix (Bayer), Acimone (Devidayal), Superfix (Indofil), Anmol (IIL), Frutofix (Kilpest) ~  Used for the purpose of inducing flowering, preventing shedding of flower buds and unripe fruits.

~  It helps in enlarging fruit size, increasing and improving the quality and yield of fruits.

75 ml /200 lit. of water Plant growth regulator with systemic properties. It penetrates into tissues and is translocated.
2. Amino Acid Isabion 62.5% (Syngenta), Fentac Plus (Coromandel), Fruit Energy 5% (Indofil), Aishwarya Granules (UPL), Devimino (Devidayal), Toyo (Vimax), Sumino (Sumil), Emerald (Sulphur Mills) ~  Induce flowering and fruiting, Reduce flower and fruit drop, Improve fruit size, Quality and color.

~  Crops: Paddy, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Potato, Chilli, Onion, Fruits, Vegetables & Plantation Crops like Tea, Cardamom etc.

400 ml /acre

40 ml/pump

Amino   acids   enriched   with   plant   growth  substances and essential trace minerals.
3. Ascophyllum nodosum (Micro-fertilizer) Biovita (PI Ind.), Agrofert (Sainath Agro-Vet) ~
4. Chlormequat Chloride 50% SL Lihocin ((BASF), Layer (Willowood) ~  PGR:  Used  to  improve  yield & quality of cotton, vegetables, cereals and fruits
5. Cytokinine enzymes Paushak Super (KR) ~
6. Ethephon 39% SL Ethrael (Bayer), Kripon (KR), Ethephon / Deviphon (Devidayal), Tagpon 10 & Tapgon 39 (Tropical), Ethefol (Indofil), Bison (Canary), Arsh (Amber) ~  It is versatile plant growth regulator which improves colouration and  accelerates uniform ripening of fruits like pineapple, mango, tomato etc .It can be diploid in specific uses like defoliation in pomegranate and breaking alternate bearing in mango. 400 ml/acre

40 ml/pump

Plant   growth   regulator   with   systemic  properties. Penetrates into the plant tissues, and is decomposed to ethylene, which affects the growth processes.
7. Gibbralic Acid Tech Progibb (Sumitomo), JaiGibb (KR), Devigibb (Devidayal), Jibra (Sumil), Prime (IIL),  Tag  Gibb  (Tropical),  Cil-Gibb  (Cheminova), Krigibb (KR), Crigibb (Crystal), Wilgib (Willowood) ~  Acts as a plant growth regulator on account of its physiological and  morphological  effects  in  extremely  Iow concentrations. Translocated. Generally affects only the plant parts above the soil surface 2 gm/acre

0.2 gm/pump

8. Gibbralic Acid 0.001% Hoshi (Sumitomo), Prime Gold (Pearl), Guru (IPL), Vird (Amber) ~
9. Non-ionic Surfactant Sandovit (Syngenta), Devifix (Devidayal), Wilicon (Willowood), Silky (KR), Filwet (Indofil) ~  Increase persistence & Penetration by reducing surface tension & volatilization. Protect wash-off against rain.
10. Peclobutrazole 23% SC Cultar (Syngenta), Paclo (IPL), Canstar (Canary) ~ 50ml/acre

5ml /pump

11. Sea Weed Extract Hilgrow (HIL), Kri-Kelp & Kri-Gold Super (KR) ~
12. Stigmasterol 0.1%+ Campasterol 0.05% Brand & Brand GR (Willowood) ~
13. Sulphur 90% Bentonite Pestiles DeviJwala (Devidayal) ~  Speed up the chlorophyll and amino acid formation, improves the soil pH.
14. Tricontanol 0.1% EW Miracle (Cheminova), PC Boom (PCCPL), Flyover 0.1 EW (Willowood), Taru (Amber), Bilsan (Bharat) ~
15. Tricontanol 0.05% EC Miraculan 0.05 EC (Dow), Contanol EC (IPL), Tonic GR (Amber), Agriculan (AOL) ~
16. Zinc Phosphide 80% WP Ratfree (Swal), Ratol (UPL), Rattle (Devidayal), Ratkil (BioStadt) ~  Rat, Mice. Probably decomposes to phosphine in the stomach and is absorbed both as phosphine and as the phosphide.It has a toxic action on the heart, liver and kidneys. Death occurs from heart and kidney failure. 1.5 to 2.5%


1. ACME ACME Organics Pvt. Ltd.
2. Advance Advance Pesticides
3. Agrimaxx Agrimaxx……..
4. Aimco AIMCO Pesticides Ltd.
5. Amber Amber Crop Science Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
6. Ambuja Ambuja Agrochem Industries
7. AOL Agrico Organics Ltd., New Delhi
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1. A Aerosol
2. A.I. Active Ingredient
3. AF Aqueous Flowable
4. AS Aqueous Solution or Aqueous Suspension
5. B Bait
6. C Concentrate
7. CG Concentrate Granules
8. CM Concentrate Mixture
9. CS Capsule Suspensions
10. D Dust
11. DF Dry Flowable
12. DP Dust able Powder
13. DS Soluble Dust
14. EC or E Emulsifiable Concentrate
15. EW Emulsion, Oil in Water
16. FL or F Flowable (Liquid)
17. FS Flowable Concentrate for Seeds or Flowable Slurry
18. GL Gel
19. GR or G Generic Granules / Granules
20. L Liquid (Flowable)
21. LC Liquid Concentrate or Low Concentrate
22. LV Low Volatile


23. M or ME Micro Encapsulated
24. MTF Multiple Temperature Formulation
25. OD Oil Dispersion
26. P or PS Pellets
27. PGP Plant Growth Promoter
28. PGR Plant Growth Regulator
29. RTU Ready-to-Use
30. S Solution
31. SC Suspension Concentrate
32. SD Soluble Dust
33. SG Soluble Granules
34. SL Soluble (Liquid) Concentrate
35. SP Soluble Powder or Soluble Packet
36. TB Tablets
37. ULV Ultra Low Volume Concentrate or Ultra Low Wettable
38. WDG or WG Wettable Dispersible Granule
39. WP or W Wettable Powder
40. WS Water Soluble or Water Dispersible Powder for Seed
41. WSC Water Soluble Concentrate
42. WSG Water Soluble Granules
43. WSL Water Soluble Liquid
44. WSP Water Soluble Powder or Water Soluble Packet
45. ZC Zeon (Technology) Concentrate