Agricultural and Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization

The Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization (AMIGS) scheme has been formulated to develop marketing infrastructure in the country to cater to the post-harvest requirement of production and marketable surplus of various farm products. An Expert Committee set up by the Ministry of Agriculture has estimated that an investment of Rs. 11,172 crore would be required for infrastructure development in agricultural marketing. A major portion of this investment is expected to come from private sector, for which an appropriate regulatory and policy environment is necessary.


Objectives of the scheme
  • To provide additional agricultural marketing infrastructure to cope up with the large expected marketable surpluses of agricultural and allied commodities, including dairy, poultry, fishery, livestock and minor forest produce
  • To promote competitive alternative agricultural marketing infrastructure by encouraging private and cooperative sector investments that sustain incentives for quality and enhanced productivity, thereby improving farmers’ income
  • To strengthen existing agricultural marketing infrastructure to enhance efficiency
  • To promote direct marketing so as to increase market efficiency through a reduction in intermediaries and handling channels, thus enhancing farmers’ income
  • To provide infrastructure facilities for grading, standardisation and quality certification of agricultural produce so as to ensure a price to the farmers commensurate with the quality of the produce
  • To promote grading, standardisation and quality certification system for giving a major thrust for promotion of pledge financing and marketing, credit, introduction of negotiable warehousing receipt system and promotion of forward and future markets so as to stabilize market system and increase farmers’ income
  • To promote direct integration of processing units with producers
  • To create general awareness and provide education on agricultural marketing including grading, standardisation and quality certification


Who can benefit from this scheme?
  • Individuals
  • Group of farmers/growers/consumers
  • Partnership/Proprietary firms
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs)
  • Companies & Corporations
  • Autonomous Bodies of the Government
  • Cooperatives & Cooperative Marketing Federations
  • Local Bodies
  • Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) & Marketing Boards in the entire country
Bank-assisted projects of State agencies, including projects refinanced/co-financed by NABARD for strengthening/modernisation of existing marketing infrastructure, would also be eligible for assistance under the scheme.


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  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
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