Advisory for Soybean Cultivation: Kharif 2017

In view of expected arrival of monsoon in different soybean growing states of the country, following advisory is issued:-

1. On arrival of monsoon, the sowing of soybean can be done only after ensuring
sufficient moisture (about 100 mm rainfall).

2. Depending on the seed size and germination percent, the recommended seed rate for small seeded varieties would be 55-60 kg/ha, medium seeded varieties – 60-65 kg/ha and bold seeded varieties would be 70-75 kg/ha.

3. Farmers are advised to carry out germination test before sowing of soybean seed. If it is below 70%, the seed rate should be appropriately increased on pro rata basis in order to have optimum plant population.

4. In order to protect the crop from diseases particularly yellow mosaic virus, it is advised to carry out seed treatment with fungicides using Thiram + Carbendazim (2:1) @ 3 g/kg seed immediately before sowing. Immediately after the fungicidal seed treatment, farmers are advised to treat their seed with recommended insecticide i.e. Thiamethoxam 30 FS @ 10 ml/kg seed or Imidacloprid @ 1.25 ml/kg seed followed by application of Rhizobium and PSM culture.

5. Farmers can use bio-fungicide Trichoderma viride (@ 8-10 g/kg seed) in place of chemical fungicide. This can be done after the insecticidal seed treatment while combining with Rhizobium and PSM culture.

6. To save the crop from prolonged dry spells or excessive rainfall situations, farmers are advised to sow their soybean crop using BBF seed drill or FIRBS seed drill. In case of unavailability of these machines, they are advised to open conservation furrows suitably after an interval of 6-9 rows.

7. Seed placement should not be at more than 3 cm depth.

8. The recommended row to row spacing for soybean (45 cm) should be followed.

9. It is advised to ensure recommended a nutritional requirement of soybean crop by applying (25:60:40:20 kg/ha, N, P, K, S) at the time of sowing.

10. Immediately after sowing, apply the spray of any one recommended pre-emergence herbicide like Diclosulam (26 gm/ha) or Sulfentrazone (750 ml/ha) or Pendimethalin (3.25 lit/ha) uniformly using 500 litre of water with the help of flood jet / flat fan (Cut Nozzle).

11. Compare to sole cropping, intercropping of soybean with companion crops like maize/sorghum/cotton / pigeon pea is economically more remunerative. Therefore, farmers advised adopting intercropping using 4:2-row ratio with 30 cm row spacing. In this case, only Pendimethalin is recommended as pre emergence herbicide.



  • Indian Institute of Soybean Research
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